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December Missive


I'm happy to announce the next Seneschal of Northshield will be Baroness Sorcha Bhuidhe! She will continue to serve as Emergency Deputy Kingdom Seneschal until she steps up next year at Spring Coronation.

Thank you!


A message from the Minister of Waivers:

Greetings unto the good people of Northshield.

With in-person events happening more regularly, I want to remind people that waivers from events must be submitted to the Minister of Waivers within 30 days of the event. Waivers from practices need to be submitted at least quarterly, if not more often. To optimize their usefulness, COVID contact tracing forms should be submitted within a week. Please send all these forms to Either scanned documents or photographs of the documents are acceptable.

Are you interested in serving the kingdom? Are you interested in an office that does not require travel or much time and is super easy? Then look no further. I have served as Minister of Waivers for the past 18 months. I would like to step down from office, effective May 1, 2022.With the Kingdom Seneschal's permission, I am opening the office, with letters of intent due to the Kingdom Seneschal by February 1, 2022. The office is very easy. Primarily, the minister downloads copies of documents received via email and uploads them into a database. Occasionally, paper copies are mailed to the minister. These can be either scanned and uploaded, or digital photographs can be used. I am very glad to answer any questions.

Job Description:
The Minister of Waivers is a deputy to the Kingdom Seneschal and is responsible for the collection and storage of all event and group practice waivers for up to 20 years. They must be able to locate and retrieve specific waivers on demand. The Minister of Waivers reports to the Kingdom Seneschal. This is primarily an administrative role. The Minister of Waivers is responsible for ensuring that the following duties are completed, including delivering and meeting deadlines for the following:

Deliverables and Deadlines:
• Receive event waivers within 30 days of the event, and martial practice waivers at least quarterly.
• Follow-up with local group seneschal if waivers are not received in a timely manner.
• Ensure that the waivers are uploaded to the storage database in an organized manner, to facilitate the timely retrieval of the waivers, in the event that either Kingdom and/or Society needs them.
• Adult waivers are stored for seven (7) years, minor waivers are stored for twenty (20) years.
The workload will vary but expect to put in an average of 1 hour per week with occasional commitments of 2 hours per week from April to September, when there are more events and practices. This position does not require travel.

• Dependable email access
• Dependable high-speed internet access
• Dependable social media access is nice to have but not required
• Ability to scan or digitally photograph paper copies of waivers to be uploaded to the storage database
• Working knowledge of relevant procedures and processes
If interested, please forward your SCA resume and application letter to for consideration. This posting will close on February 1, 2022.

In Service,

Other missives from the Kingdom Seneschal
Posted by: Alinore Wyndover Kingdom Seneschal on 11/15/2021

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