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December Missive

Help wanted!

The Kingdom Signet (Polaris Signet) is a lesser officer to the Polaris Herald and is responsible for overseeing the production of scrolls in the Kingdom, as well as any other Kingdom documents that may be requested by the Crown. These duties also include delivering and meeting deadlines for the following:

• Ensure court lists are received from the Crown by the Signet within the approved timeframe.
• Ensure scrolls are provided for court lists as provided by the Crown.
• Ensure scrolls are signed and sealed in a timely manner prior to or during the court meeting.
• Ensure a record is kept of scrolls assigned and distributed.
• Ensure a Signet is present at any court, event, or function where such a position is necessary.
• Provide training in the roles and responsibilities of a Signet.
• Provide relevant information to court heralds, Signets, or any other functionary, with permission of the Crown.
• Provide advice and guidance to vigilants or Peers regarding the commissioning of a scroll.
• Provide advice and guidance to scribes.
• Provide support and assistance to those wishing to engage with the scribal community.
• Facilitate access to scribal supplies and training/classes for scribes.
• Facilitate maintenance and replenishment of the Crown’s signature supplies in coordination with the Minister of Regalia.
• Compile quarterly reports for Polaris regarding scroll production activity.
• Maintain any relevant email lists and social media groups.
• Maintain any relevant handbooks, resources, and other forms.
• Maintain any relevant waiver forms, including artist release forms and video waivers, as needed.
• Maintain records of the production and distribution of backlog scrolls. 

Workload will vary but expect to put in an average of 3 hours a week. This is in addition to meeting travel and any scribal assignments.

Required for this position are
• Dependable email access
• Dependable phone access
• Dependable social media access (preferred, but not required)
• Moderate proficiency with Google Sheets and similar spreadsheet applications
• Moderate proficiency with Google Docs and similar word processing applications
• Ability to clearly communicate verbally and in writing, i.e. in person and via email, phone, and in written reports
• Working knowledge of relevant procedures and processes

Please send your SCA Resume and cover letter to herald@northshield.org by 31 December.


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Posted by: Katerinka Lvovicha Polaris Herald on 11/15/2021

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