The Applegate family and Viscountess Elashava bas Riva The Applegate family and Viscountess Elashava bas Riva

July Missive

Greetings to the populace from your friendly neighborhood Signet,

Care and feeding of your Scribal Corps:

The scribes of this Kingdom put forth a great deal of time and effort to complete the awards that are given in court. Scribal supplies are expensive, and so is mailing, if the scribe is not attending the court and has some difficulty finding a courier. Not receiving a personal thank you from the recipient, at least once in a while can be a drain on the psyche and can make one feel unappreciated and unmotivated. When this happens, we start losing scribes, which we can ill afford.

Scribes are often thanked in court and listed in the Northwatch. This is a great and wonderful thing but does not replace a personal ‘thank you’ from the recipient. Most scribes will leave their name and contact information and a bit of info on the back of the artwork somewhere. If your scrolls/art/objects are not already framed, go take a look and send a quick thank you.

The scribes really really appreciate it. It does not need to be elaborate; you can thank them on Facebook, via email, in person, etc. A thank you card is nice, but not required.

So, take care of your scribes. Keep them happy and well “fed” so they will continue to support the Kingdom well into the future.


Note: I just started as signet again in March and I don’t have a list of all the scribes for awards before Hans and Genevieve.

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Posted by: Sofonisba Vespasiana Gabrielli Signet (KLO) on 6/13/2022

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