A royal guard sneaks a peek at Masquerade II A royal guard sneaks a peek at Masquerade II

February Missive

In Heraldic Submissions News:
About a year ago I asked Laurel Queen of Arms if it would be possible for the College of Arms to waive the fees for anyone who was transitioning to register a new primary name to appropriately match their gender, and to drop their old dead name. Unfortunately, SCA policies prevented us from doing this on a society-wide level.

Since then, I’ve helped establish a fund here in Northshield and many other heralds around the Knowne World have established funds in their kingdoms to make this happen.

If you, or anyone you know in Northshield, is wishing to release a dead name and register a new name to match their gender more accurately, please have them contact keythong@northshield.org and I will see to it that it’s taken care of.



Posted by: Calamus Schreiber Keythong Herald (Submissions Herald) (KLO) on 2/1/2023

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