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February Missive

Greetings unto the populace of Northshield, The A.S. 56 William Blackfox Award winners and nominees have been announced.

Congratulations to Her Ladyship, Grainne Dhonn, the Editor of the Northwatch, and the numerous contributors to the “Northshield Fashion Show” feature from the December 2021 Northwatch. The article received a Commendation for Best Artistic Contribution to a Kingdom Newsletter, which “Recognizes the artist of artwork or photography used in the interior of a kingdom newsletter. Awarded to the artist(s).”

Additionally, Caer Anterth Mawr’s The Song of the Tower received nominations for Best Overall Newsletter and Best Article for “History of the Baronial Website.” Nordskogen’s The Crystal Quill was nominated for Best Layout and Design. The Honorable Lord Farolfus filius Richardi was nominated for the Best Written Contribution to a Kingdom Newsletter, for his article, “Less-Common Early Period Persona Roundtable,” from the July 2021 Northwatch. Vivant to all the nominees and contributors.

We still have a number of kingdom deputy offices open. They include:
• Emergency Deputy Kingdom Chronicler
• Kingdom Archivist/Historian
• Media Relations Deputy
• Deputy Northwatch Editor
• Western/Plains Regional Deputy and Eastern/Woodlands Regional Deputy SMO
• TikTok Deputy SMO

Many hands make light work. If anyone is interested in learning more about the chronicler’s office, and/or is interested in becoming either a local group chronicler or a deputy kingdom chronicler, please let me know. I will be very glad to talk to you about it.
Ever in service to Crown, Kingdom, and you,


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Posted by: Arnbjørn Karlsson Kingdom Chronicler on 2/1/2023

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