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June Missive

Cén scéal? What’s the news?

Our upcoming newsletter themes are as follows, but please submit art and articles on any topic for the edification of the kingdom.
• May 20 – Welcome! – How can we help make Northshield a welcoming place to all our newcomers in all their diversity? Share your thoughts and messages of welcome; advice for newbies in your art, craft, or martial endeavour; and pictures of your own beginnings in the SCA.
• June 20 – Homely Goods – What physical items make your table, camp, or presence space more homey? What (e.g., dishes, furniture, or lighting) do you have that is period-appropriate for you and where did you get it or how did you make it? What period items would you like to have (practical/realistic or not)?
• July 20 – Youth of the Kingdom – The (parents/guardians/teachers of) children and teens of Northshield are encouraged to send in our youngest members’ A&S projects, fighting kit or garb photos, stories, or any other spiffiness they would like to show off. Let’s celebrate the future of Northshield!

Please send all questions or submissions to


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Posted by: Grainne Dhonn Northwatch Editor (KLO) on 6/7/2023

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