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Fall Crown List

Queen Isabella and King Yngvar are excited to have these combatants participating in their Fall Crown Tournament on October 14, 2023 in the Shire of Border Downs.

Sir Theodweard l'Archier fighting for Mistress Anplica Fiore

Sir Jonns Gunnarson fighting for THL Valka Ragnarsdottir

Lord Thorfinn the Hunter fighting for Lady Muirenn Bhallach

Countess Gwenhwyvar verch Owen ap Morgan fighting forCount Rhys ap Owein ap Gwyn

Sir Kita Jiru Toramassa fighting for Baronness Una Inn Kottir

Count Thorbrandr Olafsson fighting for Jarla (Countess) Thora Heri

Jarla (Countess) Thora Heri fighting for Count Thorbrandr Olafsson

Count Kaydian Bladebreaker fighting for Countess Cassandra Antonelli

Sir Geoffrey de la Brugge fighting for Mistress Tatiana Marana Melville

Count Hans Volsch fighting for Countess Genevieve MacArtne 

Baron Ulrich Aeowulf MacNaughtine fighting for Lady Æsileif Glyfisdóttir

Sir James Applegate fighting for THN Evelein Jantz

Good luck and fight with Honor!

Posted by: Gwenhwyvar verch Owen ap Morgan on 9/12/2023

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