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October Missive


Are you interested in being a cheerleader for the Arts & Sciences? Even if you have never held an office, the position of Minister of Arts & Sciences (MoAS) for your local branch is a great opportunity to get your feet wet. As of right now, we have several Shires that currently have no MoAS and many others where the current officer has served in that position for a very long time. This position has few hard-and-fast responsibilities other than filing a brief report (a summary of what folks in your group have been up to) four times each year and being an enthusiastic supporter of your local A&S community, whatever that might mean to you. If this sounds like something you are interested in, please get in touch! If your branch has a current MoAS, perhaps they would like to begin to train their deputy/successor, and if your branch has no MoAS, we can show you the ropes. Start by going to your local group's section on the Northshield website (click select your group from the list at and then look under “Officer Listing.” From there, you can contact your Minister of Arts & Sciences directly and ask if they would like a deputy, or if no one is listed, email to let me know if you would like to volunteer.


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Posted by: Farolfus filius Richardi Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences on 10/3/2023

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