Saraidh ingen Guairi Saraidh ingen Guairi

Branch Chatelaine


(Mary Fitzgerald)
406 N COLUMBIA AVE FULDA MN 56131-1136 United States
(507) 829-2032
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Took Office: 02/16/2018
Photograph of Brigitta

Lord Dauid the Restful

(Justin Ross)
1801 S Grange Ave Sioux Falls SD 57105 USA
(605) 305-2193
Took Office: 03/11/2016
Photograph of Dauid the Restful

Lady Belle de la Tour

(Belle Otte)
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Took Office: 02/19/2019
Photograph of Belle de la Tour

The Honorable Lady Rachelle Domonique de Brienne

(Name Hidden)
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Took Office: 02/02/2019

Lady Annabeau of the Forest

(Molly Shields)
Address Hidden
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Took Office: 04/01/2010

The Honorable Lady Caitriona inghean Criomthainn

(Hollie Salazar)
634 Huron st Ironwood MI 49938 USA
(906) 285-7127
Took Office: 06/13/2019
Photograph of Caitriona inghean Criomthainn

Lady Emelye Ambroys

(Tabitha Forman)
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Took Office: 12/13/2015

Lady Erna in hvita (called Earna Hwit)

(Lynn Schwalbe-Larson)
Address Hidden
(608) 835-6366
Took Office: 02/07/2018
Photograph of Erna in hvita (called Earna Hwit)

Lady Æsileif Gylfisdóttir

(Amberlily Dean)
507 7th Ave E West Fargo ND 58078 USA
(218) 766-0274
Took Office: 12/07/2016

Lord Odwulf Salararius "the Goth"

Address Hidden
(807) 707-9079
Took Office: 12/05/2017
Photograph of Odwulf Salararius "the Goth"

Geffray Bobyth

(Jeff Waatti)
1401 west quincy apt 208 Hancock MI 49913 USA
Phone Hidden
Took Office: 03/01/2017
Photograph of Geffray Bobyth

Lady Freydis Jensdottr

(Anji Wiley)
4640 Sturgis Rd Rapid City SD 57702 United States
(605) 440-0374
Took Office: 10/14/2016
Photograph of Freydis Jensdottr

Jelena Pagani

(Tracie Hodgdon)
6916 Oliver Ave S Richfield MN 55423 USA
(612) 501-6768
Took Office: 07/07/2019

Master Sigeric Unsiker

(Tim Fuerstenberg)
Address Hidden
(320) 253-8621
Took Office: 06/01/2018
Photograph of Sigeric Unsiker

Lady Sabine d'Anjou

(Stacy Miron)
PO box 2378 Kingsford MI 49801 USA
(906) 396-8363
Took Office: 05/05/2019
Photograph of Sabine d'Anjou

Lady Aesa in Bjarndoelska

(Rebecca Foster)
Address Hidden
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Took Office: 04/07/2013
Previous Officers
Persona Name Email Start Date End Date Term
Jelena Pagani Login to view 7/7/2019 Active 5 months
Caitriona inghean Criomthainn Login to view 6/13/2019 Active 6 months
Sabine d'Anjou Login to view 5/5/2019 Active 7 months
Belle de la Tour Login to view 2/19/2019 Active 10 months
Rachelle Domonique de Brienne Login to view 2/2/2019 Active 10 months
Sigeric Unsiker Login to view 6/1/2018 Active 18 months
Lewke verch Gwilim Login to view 2/21/2018 7/7/2019 17 months
Brigitta Login to view 2/16/2018 Active 22 months
Erna in hvita (called Earna Hwit) Login to view 2/7/2018 Active 22 months
Odwulf Salararius "the Goth" Login to view 12/5/2017 Active 24 months
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