Duke Corin du Soleil Duke Corin du Soleil

Branch Chatelaine

Lord Dauid the Restful

(Justin Ross)
2708 N Pampas Grass Ave SIOUX FALLS SD 57107 United States
(605) 305-2193
Took Office: 03/11/2016
Photograph of Dauid the Restful

Lady Beatriz Estevan de las Serras (formerly Beatriz de

(Shawnah Stephens)
7627 W HADLEY ST, 7627 W HADLEY ST MILWAUKEE WI 53222-5032 United States
(414) 339-0244
Took Office: 01/01/2022
Photograph of Beatriz Estevan de las Serras (formerly Beatriz de

The Honorable Lady Rachelle Domonique de Brienne

(Name Hidden)
Address Hidden
Phone Hidden
Took Office: 02/02/2019

Lady Annabeau of the Forest

(Molly Shields)
Address Hidden
Phone Hidden
Took Office: 04/01/2010

The Fairly Honourable Lady Ciana Scolari di Polcenigo

(Name Hidden)
Address Hidden
(907) 342-5187
Took Office: 10/01/2021
Photograph of Ciana Scolari di Polcenigo

Lady Emelye Ambroys

(Tabitha Forman)
Address Hidden
Phone Hidden
Took Office: 12/13/2015

James de Beaumont

(Jeff Yanke)
Address Hidden
Phone Hidden
Took Office: 06/01/2022
Photograph of James de Beaumont

Asa Sporr

(Name Hidden)
Address Hidden
Phone Hidden
Email Hidden
Took Office: 10/13/2022

Ronan Mac Duibh

(Zon Green)
91 Jessamine Ave W Saint Paul MN 55117 United States
(651) 331-1629
Took Office: 04/20/2022

Domina Umbricia Valeriana

(Krissy Kaiser)
Address Hidden
(608) 797-6946
Took Office: 08/24/2020

Lady Susanna Sparke of Cheshire

(Sonja Ziegler)
6489 Paint Rd NW Byron MN 55920 USA
Phone Hidden
Took Office: 12/02/2020
Photograph of Susanna Sparke of Cheshire

Honorable Lord Eysteinn meinfretr (called William)

(Liz Roberts)
362 Elm Street Menasha WI 54952 USA
(906) 362-9260
Took Office: 04/01/2023
Photograph of Eysteinn meinfretr (called William)
Previous Officers
Persona Name Email Start Date End Date Term
Eysteinn meinfretr (called William) Login to view 4/1/2023 Active 6 months
Asa Sporr Login to view 10/13/2022 Active 12 months
James de Beaumont Login to view 6/1/2022 Active 16 months
Beatriz Estevan de las Serras (formerly Beatriz de Login to view 5/1/2022 5/1/2022 0 months
Beatriz Estevan de las Serras (formerly Beatriz de Login to view 5/1/2022 5/1/2022 0 months
Ronan Mac Duibh Login to view 4/20/2022 Active 18 months
Beatriz Estevan de las Serras (formerly Beatriz de Login to view 1/1/2022 Active 21 months
Ciana Scolari di Polcenigo Login to view 10/1/2021 Active 24 months
Solvieg Login to view 5/1/2021 4/8/2022 11 months
Susanna Sparke of Cheshire Login to view 12/2/2020 Active 34 months
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