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Lady Ciana Scholari di Polcenigo

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Device: Azure, an elephant rampant maintaining in its trunk a goblet argent
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Photograph: Ciana Scholari di Polcenigo
Pronounced Ciana (TShi-ah-nah) Scholari (Sko-lah-ree) di Polcenigo (Pohl-chen-ee-goh)

14c and 16c Northern Italian. Ciana is the daughter of the Scholari family from Polcenigo. When the family fell on hard times while her parents were far from Italy, Ciana became a courtesan. Due to parents with enlightened ideas about women, Ciana has been well educated to better care for the family palazzo and lands while her parents have been away from Italy. When her parents are in residence, Ciana studies at the medical school in Salerno.

She hosts political and philosophical salons as well as small entertainments and soirees, hosts fundraisers for the aid of women and children, and enjoys spending time with her patrons and champions. She gleefully supports her patrons and champions on the field, sometimes joining in the fun of archery or picking up a rapier.

Ciana enjoys kitchen and medicinal gardening, kitchen crafts (such as soapmaking, cheeses, breads, subtleties), creating grand feasts, brewing and distilling, sewing and embroidery. She is just getting into the scribal arts, learning to play the mandolin, and archery. She absolutely adores dancing and is always seeking an enthusiastic partner!

Ciana finds Kingdom and Shire business, hosting events, stewarding feasts, and welcoming newcomers to be very fulfilling.

A Few of Her Favourite Things Per Request of His Royal Highness Konrad's Facebook Thread:
  • elephants
  • owls
  • bumblebees
  • water
  • cobalt blue, ultramarine, royal blue, silver
  • lapis lazuli, star sapphires, sapphires, black opals, blue topaz, cream pearls
  • deep bass drumming
  • Flowers: creamy carnations, artichokes, dandelions and other wildflowers
  • Fruits: grapes, berries, olives, apricots, pears, Serrano lemons
  • Veggies: carrots, beets, artichokes, garlic, parsnips, asparagus
  • Plants & Herbs: basil, mints, rosemary, foxglove, carnations, fennel, burdock
  • mead, cordials, whiskey, eau de vie, grappa, herbed and/or fruited waters & teas
  • very occasional sweets and chocolate because...
  • prefers savoury and umami snacks like hummus, relishes, pickles, and.....
  • Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeses
  • that murmur of a big group of well-contented feast-eaters
  • dancing!
A Few Dislikes/Avoidances/Allergies:
  • anaphylactic latex allergy (she carries Epi)
  • raw or not-entirely cooked onions/onion family
  • pork (though a tiny bit of bacon or use of bacon grease is ok)
  • coffee, caffeine, pop
  • avoids sweets and candy in general (but will gobble up a loaf of bread if no one is looking)
  • too much rosewater in food/drinks
  • moldy or 'smells like teenager' cheese (exception- mild molds like brie)
  • repetitive noises (eg finger tapping, beeping) & whistling
  • very strong perfumes

Current Projects (some of these are ongoing, repeats, constant...):
  • Personal pavilion
  • Dining/gathering pavilion
  • Gallery/arming tent
  • Small pavilion for my spawn
  • 3 full 16thc Venetian outfits + accessories (self)
  • 3 full 14thc Venetian outfits + accessories (self)
  • I should probably make clothes for all my family
  • Banners, pennants
  • household livery/tabards
  • table linens
  • quite a few batches of mead
  • quite a few batches of cordials
  • some recipe redactions
  • some scrolls
  • a bunch of general largesse
  • a bunch of children's largesse
  • a bunch of personal largesse
  • chopines
  • I am sure that I have a dozen other projects...
Looking to barter for:
  • woodworking (peri-oid tables, chairs, benches/boxes etc)
  • heavy armour for my spawn (1 is 6'4 mountain, other is getting there quickly)
  • portable/tabletop scribal/writing desk with low slope & storage
  • use of someone's huge pottery kiln (I want to fire some 2 to 5 gallon stoneware cooking pots and amphoras)



  Award Name Presenting Branch Court Date Event Name Presenting Royalty
Cygnus, Award of the Kingdom of Northshield 8/26/2017 Great Northern Fiber Moot Woot and Shoot Konrad and Aibhilin
Leaf of Merit, Order of Kingdom of West 11/12/2001
Ash Leaf, Order of Kingdom of West 11/1/2001
Award of Arms Kingdom of West 4/21/2001
Award of Arms Kingdom of Drachenwald 9/25/1993
Order of the Burdened Bouget (Barony of the Far West) Kingdom of West 11/18/2001
Far West Support Kingdom of West 11/12/2001
Popular Company of Sojourners Kingdom of Drachenwald 9/9/2000
Companion of the Order of the Cygnet Kingdom of Meridies 1/1/1995
Dragon's Tear Kingdom of Drachenwald 1/2/1994
Order of the Dragon's Pride Kingdom of Drachenwald 7/17/1993
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