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Chivalry (Total Presented: 18)

The Chivalry consists of two equal parts: Knighthood and Mastery of Arms. No one may belong to both parts of the order at one time. When a member is admitted to the Chivalry by the Sovereign, the choice of which part of the order to join is made by the new member. The candidate must be considered the equal of his or her prospective peers with the basic weapons of tournament combat. To become a Knight, the candidate must swear fealty to the Crown of his or her kingdom during the knighting ceremony. Masters of Arms may choose to swear fealty, but are not required to do so. Blazon: (Fieldless) A circular chain. (For the Order of Knighthood) (Fieldless) A white belt. (For the Order of Knighthood) (Fieldless) A white baldric. (For the Order of Mastery of Arms)|
  Persona Name Presenting Branch Name Court Date Event Name Presenting Royalty
Alaric Sturmenluchs Kingdom of Northshield 4/8/2006 Northshield Spring Coronation Lars I and Mary I
Alexander Hamstzhelm Kingdom of Northshield 8/10/2010 Pennsic War Tom and Sigrid
Dumal Ruithilcaraid Kingdom of Northshield 12/10/2005 Boar's Head Æsa and Kitadate-tenno
Edwin atte Bridge Kingdom of Northshield 1/4/2014 Nordskogen Twelfth Night Hrodir III and Anne II
Gaius Niklos Aurelius Equestor Kingdom of Northshield 4/14/2007 Northshield Spring Coronation Siegfried II and Gwyneth
Gunther KegSlayer Kingdom of Northshield 8/19/2005 Pennsic 34 Tarrach and Fina
Hagan Kingdom of Northshield 9/10/2005 Northshield Fall Coronation Tarrach and Fina
Hrodir Vigageirr Toreson Kingdom of Northshield 9/2/2006 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Crusades-Village Faire Lars I and Mary I
Katsuo Toyaoka Kingdom of Northshield 4/13/2013 Spring Coronation Yngvar and Luce
Kita Jiru Toramassa Kingdom of Northshield 2/8/2014 Stellar University of Northshield Hrodir III and Anne II
Murdoch McArthur Kingdom of Northshield 8/5/2012 Pennsic 41 Wulfgar and Devon
Roisin igen Aillil Kingdom of Northshield 4/19/2008 Spring Coronation Hagan and Eilis
Stephen du Bois Kingdom of Northshield 12/5/2009 Boar's Head 2009 Siegfried III and Elizabeth I
Torsten Magnus Von Liechtenstien Kingdom of Northshield 4/10/2010 Spring Coronation Siegfried III and Elizabeth I
Vladimir Radescu Kingdom of Northshield 2/19/2011 Tournament of Chivalry Hrodir II and Anne I
Wolfgar Von-Ostrand Kingdom of Northshield 7/11/2009 Warriors and Warlords Stephen and Ailleanne
Yngvar inn Heppni Kingdom of Northshield 1/23/2010 Its Only a Flesh Wound Siegfried III and Elizabeth I
Zadok ben Solomon ibn Alfakhar Kingdom of Northshield 2/8/2014 Stellar University of Northshield Hrodir III and Anne II

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