Sadb ingen Suibne and Robert mac Cormaic Sadb ingen Suibne and Robert mac Cormaic

Sir / Equestor Decimus Marius Tacitus Ajax

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Photograph: Decimus Marius Tacitus Ajax
I am a great grandson of Augustus Marius, born 65 BC joined the Legions and completed my 20 years as a Legate, due to Merit and Patrician heritage, retired and became public servant lived until 44 AD.  Late Republic/ Early Imperial Rome. 
Lord Dauid the Restful
Lord Raoul de Boer
Lord Hagar Redbeard
Lord Manfred von Falkenheagen

Inactive Baron Martin Mackeegan

THL Ysabella de Meurte
Lord Gabriel Michalik 


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Current/Previous Offices:

Office Officer for Group Start Date End Date In Office
Branch Rapier Combat Marshal Shire of Border Downs 11/8/2015 Active 59 months
Kingdom Social Media Officer Kingdom of Northshield 6/1/2020 Active 4 months
Branch Armored Combat Marshal Shire of Border Downs 9/7/2008 9/1/2009 12 months
Branch Herald Shire of Border Downs 11/17/2013 8/16/2016 33 months
Branch Seneschal Shire of Border Downs 5/24/2014 12/1/2016 31 months
Western Regional Deputy Armored Combat Marshal Kingdom of Northshield 5/19/2015 2/13/2018 33 months
Kingdom Emergency Deputy Armored Combat Marshal Kingdom of Northshield 6/7/2015 7/27/2018 37 months
Silverpoints Scribe (Backlog Scroll Deputy) Kingdom of Northshield 4/11/2016 1/3/2019 33 months
Illumino Herald (Western Regional Deputy) Kingdom of Northshield 3/1/2016 5/1/2019 38 months

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Archery Training Marshal

Armored - Warranted Armored Marshal of the Field

Armored Single-Handed Weapon (1H)
Armored Training Marshal 09/01/2015
Armored Spear
Armored Two-Handed Weapon (2H)
Armored Combat Archery
Armored Siege Weapons
Armored Youth Sparring


Equestrian General Riding and Games
Equestrian Training Marshal
Equestrian Mounted Archery
Equestrian Jousting
Equestrian Driving
Equestrian Mounted Crest Combat
Equestrian Mounted Armored Combat

Rapier - Warranted Rapier Marshal of the Field

Rapier C&T Single Sword
Rapier Single Rapier
Rapier Training Marshal
Rapier Case
Rapier Dagger
Rapier Rigid Parry
Rapier Non-Rigid Parry
Rapier Epee
Rapier C&T Defensive Secondary
Rapier C&T Offensive Secondary
Rapier C&T Two-Handed Weapon
Thrown Weapons Training Marshal


Youth Youth Level 1
Youth Youth Rattan
Youth Youth Rapier
Youth Training Marshal
Youth Youth Level 2
Youth Youth Level 3

Youth Page Program

Youth Page Program NPP Tier 1: Novice
Youth Page Program NPP Tier 2: Junior
Youth Page Program NPP Tier 3: Senior

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