Berwyn Æthelbryght of Ackley Berwyn Æthelbryght of Ackley
Court Date: 8/26/2017 (Court #1)
Event Name: Hadrians Feld
Presenting Royalty: Konrad and Aibhilin

The Royal Court of Konrad and Aibhilin at Hadrians Feld, 8/23
Court responsibility Held by Count Katsuo with the Aid of  Ajax
Signet: Sir Ajax
  1. Court was opened.
  2. I asked if there were any presentations for there Majesties. Sir Ajax asked  His Majesties if he could address the populace: He then Spoke about a Warrior returning home from a Trial "Marine Boot camp" He then congratulated and welcomed Her home. Congratulations Khailee"Bug"Nelson 
  3. Eadmund Sweordhwita: Bellerophon Scribe: Kateryn of the Amber mists
  4. Tomoko Toyooka: Bellerophon Scribe: Kateryn of the Amber Mists
  5. Niamh Larsdottir: Bellerophon Scribe: Cecily York
  6. Toy Run: Lord Manfred von Falkenheagen was slain by the children. His Grace Lars stood in to champion those that are unable to walk yet.
  7. Cailin Mac Mártainn: AoA Scribe: Judith of Northwode
  8. Raoul de Boer: Cygnus: promissory: By Cecily York
  9. Old business Manfred von Falkenheagen recieved his Griffin and Sword from Northern Realms War. 
  10. His Majesty Had the participating scribes stand up and thanked them for there dedication and contributions.
  11. His Majesty Tasked HL Skio to gather his men and travel North and investigate strange happenings in the Northern territories of His Majesties Domain. 
  12. Court was cloesd 

Awards Presented

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