Troops at Gulf Wars Troops at Gulf Wars
Court Date: 1/5/2013 (Court #2)
Event Name: 12th Night and Baronial Investiture
Presenting Royalty: Yngvar and Luce
Evening court
Non-precedence business:
Newcomers to the Society were w black griffin Katerinka (order)welcomed.
Two Mistresses of the Laurel swore fealty.
Margalit Medicus stepped up as Kingdom Chiurgeon, replacing Fiona the Younger. Mistress Margalit pledged service.
Mistress Marwen de la Rivere announced that Elspeth O'Leary was stepping down as Transitions and new groups deputy, and Sigeric was stepping up.
Baronial court was held. Duke Hrodir and Count Vlad were offered the opportunity to become His Majesty and His Highnesses' footstools. The honor was to be decided by honorable combat, with a foam mace, a foam axe, and foam helmets. His Grace and His Excellency graciously allowed their squires to fight on their behalf. In the end, both were awarded the honor of being footstools.
It was noted that, with the exception of one baron who was home with his ill child, the entire landed baronage of the Kingdom of Northshield was seated in presence in court. This greatly pleased His Majesty, who remarked upon the subject during his closing remarks.

Awards Presented

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