Syr Gunther Kegslayer Syr Gunther Kegslayer
Court Date: 6/10/2017 (Court #1)
Event Name: Border Skirmish XIV
Presenting Royalty: Konrad and Aibhilin

Upon the occasion of Border Skirmish, hosted jointly by the Shire of Ravenslake of the Midrealm and the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr, in the lands of the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr, upon the 10th of June, A.S. LII, being 2017 Gregorian, it did please Their Stellar Majesties, Konrad and Aibhilin, King and Queen of Northshield, to hold Their Royal Court.

Their Majesties were joined in Their Court by Their Heirs, Crown Prince Kaydian and Crown Princess Cassandra, by Baron Gareth and Baroness Hillary of the Barony of Ayerton who sat in Regency for Their Majesties William and Isolde of the Midrealm, by Baron Armond and Baroness Sofonisba of Caer Anterth Mawr, Baron Robert and Baroness Leona of Jararvellir, and Baron John of Illiton.

Prior to the opening of the Court of Northshield, a Regency Court of the Midrealm was held, as was a Baronial Court of Caer Anterth Mawr.

In addition, the following pieces of business occurred:

His Majesty Konrad requested that Sir James Applegate stand as His Majesty's Champion for the day, and hold the Sword of State during Court.

Tokens were presented to the waterbearers who supported the combat on the fields, and Their Majesties emphasized that there is One Army of Northshield, which consists of both combatants and support staff.

Tokens of thanks were presented to the event stewards.

Results for the Thrown Weapons competitions were announced, and the winner received a hand-painted silk banner.  

Meadhbh inghean ui Neill was called forth for the Running of the Toy Chest, and was caught by two very swift-footed young ladies just steps from the door of the hall.

All those persons present at the event were invited to claim (after court) a silver penny token for attending from the 1066 warriors, and were invited to also attend Northern Realms War, where a matching gold penny could be received.

Mistress Katerina Unru announced the results of the Helgaball competition, presented the MVP of the Helgaball game with a token, and presented Her Majesty Aibhilin with a custom pottery vessel which contained the remnants of one of the cabbages used in play. Her Majesty declared that the vessel would be used for "much slaw" in the future.

Sir Pelinor, Ambassador from Their Royal Majesties William and Isolde of the Midrealm, presented gifts to Their Majesties Northshield.

All those persons present for whom it was their first event or their first Royal Court were invited forward and presented with a hand-made pottery mug.  Her Majesty then presented the Newcomers to the assembled Populace, and charged them to fill the mugs with wisdom and tasty beverages.

Thus do I record and report the happenings of this Royal Court, for which I was the Herald of Record and of Voice.  Countess Gwenhwyvar verch Owen ap Morgan stood as Signet.

Awards Presented

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