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June Missive

Greetings, Northshield,

We were pleased to welcome these noble combatants and consorts into Our Spring Crown Tournament to find Our Heirs and Monarchs for the 35th reign of Northshield.

• Lady Winifred Payne (She/Her) for Lord Thorgrim inn Nort (He/Him)
• Lord Thorgrim inn Nort (He/Him) for Lady Winifred Payne (She/Her)
• Master Gevehard von Baden (He/Him) for Mistress Greta Rahikkainen (She/Her)
• Sir Jonns Gunnarson (He/Him) for THL Miriam Paynter (She/Her)
• THL Miriam Paynter (She/Her) for Sir Jonns Gunnarson (He/Him)
• Sir Theodweard l'Archer (He/Him) for THL Anpliça Fiore (She/Her)
• Countess Gwenhwyvar Verch Owen Ap Morgan (She/Her) for Count Rhys Ap Owein Ap Gwyn (He/Him)
• THL Olaf Kristsson (He/Him) for THL AEsa Olafskona (She/Her)
• Lord Thorfinn the hunter (He/Him) for Lady Muirenn Bhallach (She/Her)
• Sir Geoffrey de la Brugge (He/Him) for Mistress Tatiana Marana Melville (She/Her)
• Sir Hanman Hebenstreit (He/Him) for HE Guenievre du Dragon Vert (She/Her)
• Wu Yun daren (She/Her/They/Them) for Sir Tom Tinntinnabulum (He/Him)


Gaia and Ajax

Other missives from the Their Royal Majesties
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