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October Missive

Greetings to the populace of Northshield,

In order for Crown 36 to proceed on schedule, Stallari has unanimously voted for the following format. All Letters of Intent will be held for the winners of Ajax and Gaia’s second Crown and sent to them after they have been crowned. There are no additional requirements beyond those already set in Northshield Law and the Governing Documents.

Crown will be a double elimination tournament. Each bout will be best 2 of 3 fights. Double kills will be re-fought. All weapons of tournament combat allowed.

Seeding will be determined on the day of the tournament by random draw.

Letters of Intent are due no later than midnight, September 17, 2022. Indicate that you are intending to enter Crown for Reign 36. They shall be emailed to TRM@ and Any letter sent before September 10th will be shared with Ajax and Gaia’s Heirs after they are selected. This letter should provide evidence of fulfillment of all requirements for entrance by the prospective combatant and consort and outline their involvement in diverse areas of the SCA.

Pax Et Unitas,

Gaia and Ajax

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Posted by: Guenievre and Tom III Their Royal Majesties on 9/14/2022

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