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NARF - Northshield Archery Resource Files

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Resources for Beginning Archers
  • Beginning archery - Robin Kyrke   (PDF)
  • Basic information on the Crossbow - Paul Wickenden of Thanet  (PDF)
  • SCA target archery 101 - Manigarm the Scythian   (PDF)
  • The New Archer's Guide to Selecting A Bow - Moira nic Connell (PDF)
  • What to look for when buying arrows/How to inspect arrows
  • Types of bows
  • Archery Terms
  • FAQ for beginning archers
  • Supply sites - vendors who carry archery supplies
  • Release styles and Techniques

Resources for Marshals
  • How to run a shoot
  • Recommendations for Youth Archery - Jois Corbet   (PDF)
  • How to train your MiT - What every MiT needs to know, and how to help them learn it - Jois Corbet   (PDF)
  • Bad to the Bow - Examples of failed equipment - Manigarm the Scythian   (PDF)
  • What to put in your range box - commonly needed supplies
  • Reporting - when and how to do so - Jois Corbet   (PDF)
Scored Competitions
Novelty Shoot Descriptions
  • Eustacia's Hunting Shoot - Fill the Queen's Larders
  • Niklaus' Boar Shoot - How to build a moving boar target   (PDF)
  • Naughts and Crosses - Manigarm the Scythian   (PDF)
  • Ragar's Archer Duels - Ragar Ravens Friend   (PDF)
  • Scythian Torchlight Shoot - Manigarm the Scythian   (PDF)
  • Token Shoots - Manigarm the Scythian   (PDF)
  Crafts Related to Archery & "How to" Documents
  • How to Make a Bowstringer - Moira nicConnell the Strongbow   (PDF)
  • How to make a Flemish bowstring - Toussaint de Caluwé and Jois Corbet   (PDF)
  • Hows to Make a Quiver That Works - Moira nicConnell the Strongbow   (PDF)
  • Making An Archer's Glove - Moira nicConnell the Strongbow   (PDF)
  • How to make a modern target butt (many different styles would be nice)
  • Fletching (arrowmaking) basics
  • How to make a bow
  • People with Skills - a listing of who in Northshield makes what, and how to contact them/where and when they may teach their arts.
  • How to make your own fletching, from bird to arrow
   Research Related to Archery
  • Archer's Reading List - Manigarm the Scythian   (PDF)
  • Medievalist's Reading List - Manigarm the Scythian (not specifically archery related, but a potentially useful resource for any SCA member)   (PDF)
  • Period Archery 'Contests and Targets' - Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf   (PDF) [currently not available]
  • War Archery And Social Status - Sir Jon Fitz Rauf (PDF)
  • French Noble Archers- Thorvald Grimsson (PDF)
  • Historical Archery Quotations - Thorvald Grimsson (PDF)
  • Targets "in period"
  • How did they fletch "in period?"
  • Depictions of archers
  • Depictions of crossbowmen
  • Songs featuring archery
  • Archery lore and legends
   Combat Archery
  • How to become a Combat Archer - Toussaint de Caluwé   (PDF)
  • Armor and the SCA - Cormac O'Cian   (PDF)
  • Walkthrough of Building Fiberglass/UHMW Arrows for Combat Archery - Jois Corbet   (PDF)
  • Anatomy of a Fiberglass/UHMW Arrow Head - Jois Corbet   (PDF)   (JPEG image)
  • Where to Find Supplies for Combat Archery - Jois Corbet   (PDF)
  • The InterKingdom Combat Archery Competition - Lorenzo il Confuso   (PDF)
  • Combat Archery Resources - Jois Corbet   (PDF)
  • Combat Archery 101 - Master Erik Erikson   (PDF)
  • Combat Archery 201 - Master Erik Erikson   (PDF)
  • Combat Archery 301 - Master Erik Erikson   (PDF)
  • The 35 Foot Spear: Diverse CA Information - Master Erik Erikson (Midrealm site, Northshield rules may vary)

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