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Moorish Tavern XVII

Hosted by: Shire of Midewinde

Start Date: 6/29/2007 Thru End Date: 7/1/2007 42
Lake Metigoshe State Park
Lake Metigoshe State Park
Bottineau ND 58138

Planned Activities: Armored Combat , Archery , Bardic Activities , Classes , Rapier Combat , Thrown Weapons , Youth Activities

Site Opens: 8 a.m. June 29th, 2007 Site Closes: Noon July 1st, 2007

(Gentles who arrive Thursday June 28th may be asked to help set up site)

Site is discretely wet!!!

PETS ALLOWED AT SITE! Pets are allowed on site provided that they are properly cared for. In the event of animal mistreatment we will respond appropriately.

Note: $3.00 Non-member surcharge applies


Preregistered (Pre-Registration discount deadline is 15 June, 2007)

       *Adult (13 and over)* $7.00            *Children (6-13)* $5.00           *Under 6 yrs* Free


        *Adult (12 and over)* $10.00           *Children (6-12)* $5.00           *Under 6 yrs* Free

FEAST: $10.00 for Saturday Feast (Max 75 gentles including Royalty)

$3.00 for Saturday Lunch

MERCHANTS: No charge for Merchants providing own tables. (Please contact Event Stewards regarding any questions or concerns)

TENTATIVE CLASSES (not in any particular order)

1] "The Twenty Minute Tunic/Pants" taught by Svanna and Asney of Midewinde. Students who arrive with fabric (or purchase some at site for a nominal fee) will learn and create a simple t- tunic or simple pair of pants.

2] "Campfire Dancing" taught by Rosele of Midewinde. Bellydance moves/combinations for common campfire rhythms. Drummers welcome, too!

3] "Forging Iron Nails" by Ceara Macdougal of Border Downs. How to make square shaft iron nails in a forge, hands on class. No cost, but a note to wear clothing that students won't mind getting dirty and of natural fibers, preferably wool as it is fire resistant. Also students are encouraged to bring work gloves (Ceara will have several pairs, but can't guarantee they'll fit everyone).

4] "Norse Wire Woven Jewelry" taught by Lachlan Macdougal of Border Downs. Weaving of wire to form necklaces and bracelets.

5] "Fighters Embroidery" by Eibhleann of Castle Rouge. This is a basic embroidery class for ANY gentle who wishes to adorn their clothes.

6] "Bridging the Gap Between Tunic and Embroidery" by Kolbrunna Gisladsttir of Castle Rouge. A beginner to moderate skill level class that instructs you to bring these two items together.

7] "List Administration 101" taught by Roibeard O'Connor of Korsvag. This class will address some of the common pitfalls and problems of hosting a list.

8] "Primitive Fire Building" by Thorbjorn "Thunderbunny" of Midewinde. This class will be presented so even a caveman can do it. (This class is subject to being deleted).


In support of such a worthy endevor, His Grace Duke Tarrach has offered to make an iron sax for the winner.

We are planning on having a set judging time of around 11:00 am on Saturday so folks know when to have their encampment on display (this time may change at the slightest whim of the Autocrats). Currently we are planning on using a point based grading system for the encampments that will fall in the following categories;


Firepit/Brazier:(That falls within state park regulations)


Light sources:(Again within state park regulations)

Storage containers:(Boxes, Barrels, Bags, Chests, Ect)

Misc: (Items that do not fit in the above categories but fit the encampment. We are considering limiting this to one item chosen by the competitor).

Overall: (This is the area where we will judge the overall feel of the encampment).

The following is a rough idea how the points will work;

1 point for item that looks period from 10 yards away. - Screen hiding mundane tent, Fabric covering mundane items, wooden patio chairs, tiki torches, ect

2 points for items that are period representations. - Break-down panel chests, Viking bed, break-down bench, ect.

3 points for items that are consistant with a specific theme.- 13th Century Welsh, Rus encampment, middle eastern, late period Roman, ect.

4 points for items that are period in size and make. - Goatskin Roman marching tent, Wool Getheld, Black Camelhair Bedouin, Anglo-Saxon Cresset clay lamps, Cooking kit based on Oseberg find, Replicate of Welsh Ark Chest, ect... (We would prefer no baby harpseal leather viking tent or other items that may be period but are currently offensive.)

We are planning on having people who wish to compete register at troll where they will receive a blank sign on a post and access to brushes and paint. We will ask them to write the style of encampment they are representing on the sign. This will later be posted at their encampment. Examples include; 15th century German, Viking, 13th Century Welsh, Ect.

Good Luck to the competitors!


Friday: The list willbe open for inspections/pick up fights and auths on friday from 1-5 PM, close it from 5-6(for a dinner break) and then re-open from 6-9 for more pick ups/auths/inspections. Please note that depending on number of fighters there and interest level we can set up activities other than pick up fights. If fighters are interested at the time we can do a double line tourney, small melees, triangle of death (midewinde favorite), or perhaps an avacalian style squires tourney (one hour to complete 100 fights, winner is the one with the best record), although it is called a squires tourney we could open it up to everyone. Friday afternoon will really be dependant on peoples interest and how many fighters there are.

At dusk (around 9:30) we will be hosting a torchlight tourney. The rules for the tourney are as follows: 1. No stabbing 2. Two handed swords only with total length of sword to not exceed 6 feet and are to be no shorter than 2 feet. 3. The only blows that need to be acknowledged are killing blows. 4. After loosing two rounds a fighter will be out of the tournament. Each round will be 2 out of 3 unless we have more than 15 fighters in the tournament, then it will be single bout. *Winners Kingdom will receive a war point

Saturday: List will open at 10 AM for inspections and warm ups. 10:30(following breakfast) Marshals Only Tourney Since Marshals are always on the sideline watching the fighting this will be their chance to be the center of attention. All warranted marshals may participate. Single elimination no weapon limitations(except for great spear and archery of course).

Melees will start noon(following Marshals Tourney).

Melee scenarios currently planned: 1. Ravine battle best 3 out of 5, this is a one sided bridge with woods on the other side. *Combat Archery allowed

  1. Castle res. battle 2 runs, one as attacker one as defender. Victory goes to the side that breaks through or if there is a tie the one that does it the fastest. The side with CA gets 2 resurrections and the opposing side 4.

  2. Town battle (L shaped bridge to represent street intersection). 2 runs once as attacker once as defender. CA to be determined.

  3. City riot: Open field melee with populace involvement. 3 out of 5 again with populace being given rocks to throw from a SAFE distance away. No CA in this scenario. For a war point

    Also if the fighters are still up for more after this we will have a just-for-fun scenario.

Warlord Melee 2 fighters will be chosen as warlords(Royalty if they're interested or two other worthy gentles) and will be given an allotted amount of gold to spend on fighters. Fighters will be broken down into categories with a price tag for each category. Higher level fighters will cost more money. After all fighters are purchased for a side there will be an open field melee.

List field to be open after melees for pickups until either court/feast or no fighters are interested anymore.

Rules of Play: Face thrusts will be positive touch Armor and weapons to meet SCA standards for both fighters and archers. Combat Archery to be allowed in specific scenarios. BE SAFE, HAVE FUN and if it seems like a stupid idea don't do it.

RAPIER COMBAT (Scenerios to be announced)

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