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Knight Tree

Abelard notes: There are more recent versions of this list at other locations, such as https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NGeICGNz7gw_-1-mOE5wrWzGLyIvinVOYGXJ4VUmYAo/htmlview and http://www.whitebelt.com/CHIVPROJECT/index.html .

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Listed here are Members of the Order of the Chivalry who now reside, or have resided, in the Midrealm or Northshield and their Squires, Past and Present.

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This page is updated occasionally, and at whim. The last update was undertaken after a space of several years, as it has turned into quite the research project, indeed. I am indebted to the patience of those who submit corrections and update and additions- mail these to detroyes@hotmail.com  -I do read and save these corrections for eventual update, and value them very highly.

A note about the titles- The titles included here are SCA-level martial titles won by the hand of the individual. All alternate titles are converted to SCA Standard titles for the sake of clarity. Thus Earl becomes Count, etc, and Viscountess Elizabeth Mortimer is titled here, where Kassandra Tenebrosa is not. Barons Palatine are noted, but other baronage are not specified. This tree is meant to reflect the -history- of the lineage, not necessarily current affiliations.  However, upon request, I will attempt to indicate if a squire is no longer affiliated with a Knight (fostering as "fostered"; retirement, release, etc. noted as "formerly").

Duke Cariadoc of the Bow

Sir Thorvald inn Grimmi

Duke Andrew of Seldomrest (d.)

Count Iriel of Brannock

  • Sir Aldric of Northmark
    • Robyan Tor Elandris
    • Eadrick
    • Mel
    • Jean Michel
  • Alair of the Bloody Fountain (Sunka Witkotkota)
  • Aubrey of Minamar

Duke Finnvarr de Taahe

Count Ton the Traveler

Duke Dagan du Darregone

  • Sir Elestron an tor Howlsedas
  • Duke Alen Elegil
  • MSCA Komura Shimitsu
  • Vladislaus Vulcu (formerly)
  • Ragnar Ironhand
  • Alexander of Hawkwood
  • Grimkirk ap Greymoor
  • Aylwin Thorvaldson (formerly)
  • Mikal Isernfocar called Ironhawk
  • Garth Brandon (to Stephen Edgermont)
  • Maxmillian MacBain (formerly)
  • Seamus MacBain (to Leif)
  • Brian MacBain (formerly)
  • Seafra Quincannon
  • Horst von Horstmann (formerly)
  • Michael Sinclair (formerly)
  • Griffon Mac Breandain
  • Conchobar mac Gabhann (Fostered)
  • Robert de Tyre
  • Cunradus Dictus Howenshilt
  • Hamish MacBreandain (formerly)
  • Mafnus Ulfrik
  • Michael Colquhoun
  • Gregor Silberschmidt
  • Arthieurieur Penthdragoun McGunn
  • Alban Marshal

Duke Albert von Dreckenveldt

Duke MSCA Moonwulf Starkaaderson

MSCA Count Gunwaldt Gullbjorn

MSCA Thorbjorn Greysides - d.

  • Korok Starbear
  • Denys de Caergwen

Duke Laurelyn Darksbane

MSCA Knut Osterstrum

  • Count Valerius Paencalvus
    • Cameron Halby
    • Cameron Ian MacLaird
    • Cadwallon y' Rhud
    • Malachi Durant
    • Ian of Lanarksire
  • Will of Wiltshire
  • Count Alfred of Carlisle (was Christian Roguespur)

MSCA Brummbar von Schwartzburg

Sir Galem Lionel Ostwestly

  • Duke Eliahu ben Itzhak
    • Selimah of the Mystic Waters
    • Kassandra Tenebrosa
    • Sigrid de la Mare
    • William Rane
  • Dirk Edward of Frisia
  • Aramanthra the Vicious
  • Kevin O'Shaughnessy
  • Adrian Fechyr
  • Hilary of Langeford
  • Gareth Ostwestly

Viscount Atai Yoshina

  • Sir Corwyn ap Rhys
  • Frederick de Fulbert
  • Charric Van der Vliet

Sir Cristofre Cynwydd

Sir Alwyne the Sinistral

Sir Karl Aerdigwidder von Zauberberg (aka Fum)

  • Pelinorra de Orion
  • Cedrik du Gran Lac 
  • Eoinn O'Sheadhgha
  • Aaron MacPhearson 
  • Sean Patrick McCartain
  • Ian Clith Lamhac MacThomaid 
  • Gregory 
  • Marcus Zimri 
  • Raphael Bishop
  • Red Iain th'Mythe
  • Dreu Fitz-Guilbert 
  • Bela ot Kaffa
  • Gwyddion yr Penrhyddyn

Duke Stephan of Beckenham

Count Reynard the Brown

  • Sir Crispin Bucher
    • Renaude de Lunay
    • Dyderich Wolfhart
  • Cassandra Antonelli
  • Roxanne of Bloeckmedwe
  • William
  • Sigismund the Sillly

Sir Lucas Otto Gustav Oswald Stephen von Schnecke

  • Duke Bardolf Windlaufer
    • Sir Gunther von Brandenburg
      • Patrick von Brandenburg
      • Karl von Brandenburg
      • Olaf Bygolly
      • Ivan von Brandenburg
      • Thorfinn von Brandenburg
      • Konrad Mailander
      • Brun Canutesson
      • Tuge Ghunan
      • Sir Guerric der Wildefuchs
        • Sean O'Shaughnessy (Fostered)
        • Sir Kilian Fendrich
        • Hugh Rose of Kilravock
        • Reymund of Salisbury
        • Sabah al-Rashid
        • Rhos Thorgrimesban
        • Ehrenfried Schertenleib
        • Duncan (the monster)
        • Quenild of Mercia
    • Olaf the Strong
    • Tomas MacRoe
    • Aileen Fitzwilliam
    • Culwyn
    • Udo
  • Terrance of Tynedale
  • Sven Bygolly
  • Aaron

Duke Dag Thorgrimmson

Sir Karl Ulfson

MSCA Einar Haakonsson

Viscount Bealdgar Thorbjornsson

Duke Comar gyr Mirand

Count Vaclav Semjaka

Sir Janos Varos

Sir Amaranth Wolfbane

Sir Berach of Winterbourne

  • Sir Osmundus Thorkelson
    • Arthur Bear
    • Sebastion of Havenhold
    • Ingold of Flaming Gryphon
    • Timothy the Just
    • John the Cook
  • Lancelin Peregrinus
  • Emrys Eustace
  • Rasaad Azeem Muhammed (to Randolph)

Sir Ephriam ben Schlomo

  • Lothar de Normandy
  • Lyonette Vilbert

Sir Forgan Aurelius - d.

Sir Angus Ulrich - d.

  • Lachlan a'Glenn
  • Baron Palantine Cristoforo Alonso Pallavincino da Firenze

Viscount Gaylen the Smiling

  • Megan Althea of Glengarriff
  • Bran du ap Dafydd

Sir Thomas de Bohun

Sir William Ransom

  • Edward Brackenburye

Count Pieter van Doorn (Formerly)

Sir Osric Eisenwolf

Sir Ranthulfr Asparlundr

Sir Wulfgang von dem Lowen

  • Robin Arthur Kyrke
  • Count Hrodir Vigageirr Toreson
  • Brendan of Millersvale
  • James Erec of York (called Erec)
  • Olaf Blodhox
  • Thorolf Asgrimsson
  • Rhodri ap Rhydderch

Sir Kaydian Bladebreaker

Sir Crinnan Lionel Rengarth

  • Charles Oakley
  • Celadon
  • Eric
  • Asmodean
  • Aesgirr Ertidsson
  • Morgan

Viscount Ziegfried Gunter von Weaselberg

Viscountess Elizabeth Mortimer

Sir Crispin Bucher

  • Renaude de Lunay
  • Dyderich Wolfhart

Sir Alexandre Blackstone of Yorkshire

  • Sir Gillian de Ravely
    • Leif McBride
  • Gunther von Hagan
  • Leaina de Gaeta
  • Eva inghean ui Dochartaigh (Fornerly)
  • Hamish Nisbet of Clan Nisbet

Count Roak of Ealdormere

Sir Guido Martini

Sir Lothar von Drachenstein

Sir Hreodbeorht of Harhundell

Sir Rin Ravenfoe

Sir Alexander Kyppyn Kirkcaldy (called Kyppyn)

  • Boris Movila
  • Ronan of Dunaddn
  • Dafydd Blaid
  • Sir Cadogan Blaydes
  • Caedmon Wilson
  • Joshua Frost
  • Alrekr Eriksson

SirMartel Slugslayer

CountRurik Longsword

  • Eoghan Rurikson

Sir Ismailal Qasim

Count CathynFitzgerald 

Duke Alaric Sartiano von Drachenklaue

  • Uilleag O'Conmhaic

Sir LoganMacCoinnich of Kintail

Duke LarsWolfsblut

Sir NjallTjorkilsson (was Caius Livius Varus Germanicus)

Sir Straum vonBairzog 

Duke KitakazeTatsu Raito

  • Korunumachi Kagemori

Sir DmitriMikhailovich Valentinov

Sir CosimoOrsini

Sir KieranAnnachie MacLeod

Sir Jocelynle Jongleur

  • Godewyn Crakeshield

Sir DuncanDouglas MacPherson

  • Karl von Frettchenburg
  • James Applegate

Sir DonasMcNair

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