The Warriors of NS on shirtless kitchen duty The Warriors of NS on shirtless kitchen duty

Northshield History

Kingdom Exploratory Group Archive

Here begins the history of Northshield

AS 4

First Midrealm Crown is held at Wilmot Mountain, WI. This is the first event held within the borders of what will become Northshield.

At a Tolkien Fantasy conference in Green Bay, WI, members of the early Middle Kingdom hold a Masked Ball. This is attended by the Midrealm Crown, and also by Alixe of Livonia (later Pflau von Hirschfield) who would become first Baroness of Castel Rouge.

AS 5

Under the guidance of Alixe of Livonia, Torin of Arcania, and others, the Barony of Castel Rouge is formed. The Castel Rouge Chronicle (the local newsletter) begins publication and continues to this day one of the longest running newsletters in the Society.

AS 6

Hrafn Tolftungr and Asdis Stefansdottir, who have attended SCA events in the West Kingdom, write to the board about starting a group in Madison, WI. The response from the board names them Baron and Baroness of Jararvellir, then all of Wisconsin. Thorbjorn the Greysides and Fiona MacGregor are other early members.

The Barony of Castel Rouge holds their first Tournament; this is attended by the Midrealm Crown, who make an arduous journey commemorated in the epic poem "Das Dickischlumpachenlied" penned by King Franz. The trip to Castel Rouge also acts as a formal embassy ensuring Middle Kingdom authority in this area.

The Barony of the Great Bear forms in Minneapolis, MN. Tundra Thorwulf and Priscilla The Hun are early members.

AS 7

The Barony of Great Bear folds. A "Welcome to the SCA" pamphlet constructed by Baron Hrafn of Jararvellir notes Jararvellir Cantons in Milwaukee, WI (Seamarch); Janesville-Beloit, WI (Byford); UW-Madison (Tsychopera), Madison proper (Jararborgr) and unnamed cantons in Appleton, WI and LaCrosse, WI. All of these Cantons fold or lose interest within the next two years.

AS 8

Aspirations of forming a separate SCA community from the Middle Kingdom -- the Earldom/Protectorate of the North.

Barony of Castel Rouge and the Cantons of Red Oak(Brandon,MB) and Carraig na Cnoic(Killarney, MB) hold a Tourney of the Earl of North(Forodwaithe). Daidhidh na Uamh O'Cuah by right of arms becomes first Earl, names a Roster of Officers, receives Oaths of Fealty, arms are being designed and letters are sent to the Board of Directors requesting recognition. Embassies are sent to Calgary and York to decide to claim these lands as well. Plans are considered to approach the Shire of Nordskogen to join the Protectorate.

AS 9

The Shire of Nordskogen (Minneapolis, MN) forms, rising from the ashes of Barony of the Great Bear.

Daidhidh, Earl retires. Tourney held with new Earl Gordon an Seabiag to reign from 06/74 to 12/74 and Heir was chosen as well: Coinim an Uafasac O'Cuah to reign from 12/74 to 06/75. Laws are drafted, membership forms published. Response from the Board of Directors encourage incorporation. After consulting with local lawyers cost of Incorporation proves to be prohibitive. Plans to form separate offshoot from the Middle Kingdom dropped.

AS 10

Midrealm Crown Tournament is held in Jararvellir. Michael of Boarshaven is the victor.

The first Feast of St. Bunstable, a tradition imported from the Barony of Madrone in An Tir, is held in Jararvellir.This becomes one of the longest-running annual events in Southern Northshield.

AS 11

The newsletter Nordljos is started by Baron Hrafn. Originally a Jararvellir area newsletter, this begins a line of publication of what will eventually become The Northwatch.

The newsletter Pibroch is started by Elasaid nic Pheairson as an Arts and Sciences newsletter to compliment the Nordljos.

The Shire of Nordskogen hosts their first Twelfth Night feast, a traditional event that continues to the present.

The Newsletters merge to form the Nordljos-Pibroch and now include letters and calendars from Nordskogen, making it a regional newsletter. At this time it is provided free to those interested, paid for by the Barony of Jararvellir and donations. The area is referred to as "the Northwestern Territories" and "Northern Marches."

The first Northshield peer is created: Ruth of the Far North is entered unto the Order of the Laurel.

AS 12

The Shire of Nordskogen hosts Crown Tournament.

Barony of Castel Rouge, Baronial Order of the Silver Snowflake(L'Ordre du Flocon de Neige) is the Barony's first and only Baronial Honor. It was presented by Baroness Alixe to Torin of Hyrcania and Ellen of Neglimer and continues to this day with annual recipients.

The Shire of Caer Anterth is formed in Milwaukee, WI.

The first Northshield Member of the Chivalry is created. Thorbjorn the Greysides is offered the Accolade and becomes a Master of Arms. Master Thorbjorn would remain active in Northshield and its governance until his death immediately prior to the creation of the Territorial Principality.

Baroness Asdis Stefansdottir becomes Middle Kingdom Mistress of Arts, the first kingdom officer from the Northshield area.

Late 1977
The first meeting of Seneschals of the "region," discuss finances of the newsletter, and the naming of the region.

AS 13

Bjorndal, a Canton of Jararvellir in Hillpoint, WI forms. Summerbird of Bjorndal is a driving member.

A "Name the Region" contest is held in the Nordljos-Pibroch. Finalists in the first run-off are March of the Midnight Fire, (Great) Northern Marches, Saxum Antiquum, and Northshield. Because of close voting, a second run-off is held between (Great) Northern Marches and Northshield.

A regional officer's meeting is held at which the winner of the Name-the-Region Contest, Northshield, is announced. At this meeting, the MK Seneschal, Rory O'Tomrair explains the term "Region" is as an administrative convenience, and that they are also formed as a prelude to advancement in status. It is decided to acknowledge Elasaid nic Phearsoinn, now the editor of The Nordljos-Pibroch, as the Regional Chronicler, and therefore Northshield's first regional officer. It is decided to also create a Regional Herald in the future.

The Shire of Caer Anterth holds the Feast of the Boar's Head, to become a traditional event.

The Jararvellir baronial Order of the Golden Tate is created, its first baronial order.

Charles of the Red Oaks becomes Regional Herald. A regional device is proposed and appears in the Northwatch. It is Per fess, a dancetty of five, azure and argent; in pale an estoile circled by a laurel wreath and a fleur-de-lys all counterchanged.

AS 14

Master Thorbjorn the Greysides becomes Deputy Earl Marshal for Northshield.

The Shire of Caer Anterth is elevated to Barony, and restyles itself Caer Anterth Mawr. Dughall Ailean Mac'ic Lathurna, Baron ; Rissa Doone, Baroness.

The Shire of Nordskogen becomes a Barony. Michel d' Belgique and Armandel Nightsinger nic de'Ath are first Baron and Baroness.

Caradoc Llew du ap Morgan becomes Northshield's first Regional seneschal.

The Order of the River of Blood, Nordskogen's first Baronial order, is created with Caradoc Llew du ap Morgan as its principal.

The shire of Myrgan Wood, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, elects to join Northshield and the Midrealm. Auschipedes is seneschal.

AS 15

Northshield hosts Midrealm Crown tourney as a regional cooperative effort. The site is the DeKoven Foundation near Caer Anterth Mawr.

Mygan Wood hosts the first of an annual border war with the kingdom of the West, later An Tir, drawing many Northshielders and the Midrealm royalty.

The Nordljos-Pibroch changes it's name to the more easily pronounceable The Northwatch.

The Shire of Glenglionidrach forms in Fargo, ND. This is the first group in the Dakotas. Seneschal is Percyfall de Daman.

The Shire of Genevieve's Lake forms in Lake Geneva, WI, then-home of TSR games. Seneschal is Catherine D'hmis Tancred.

Reiner von Radewurmwald is no longer listed as Castel Rouge Baron.

The Shire of Mynnydd Coron (Winona, MN) is founded by Denys de Caergwyn and Taira der Farraigathair.

The Shire of Windhaven is founded, with Manderobahn Selisidar as its first seneschal.

AS 16

The first Northshielder elevated to the Order of the Pelican is Elasaid Nic Phearsoinn, editor of the Northwatch and Kingdom Chiurgeon.

In response to populace interest, the corporate requirements for Principality status are printed in the Northwatch.

First break in Northwatch Publication.

Carleton College (Northfield, MN) with Thorbjorn Svenson as Seneschal; Stoirmeil Coille in Tomah, WI, with Michael MacNaughton as Seneschal, the incipient Shire of Raven Hills (Spearfish, SD), and the Incipient Shire of Windhaven (Appleton, WI) with Manderoban Selisidor as Seneschal are all listed in the Pale.

Northwatch publication resumes. The series is renumbered, with this issue as number 1.

New Northshield groups forming include Carleton College in Northfield, MN with Thorbjorn Svenson as Seneschal; Stoirmeil Coille in Tomah, WI, with Michael MacNaughton as Seneschal; and contacts in Beloit and Stevens Point, WI, and Sioux Falls, SD.

The Zenith School for Pages, formed by Lady Fey of Caer Anterth, publishes its handbook.

AS 17

Mynydd Coron and Coille Stoirmeille are recognized as full status groups.

Khan's Birthday II in held on Lord Ellis's land in Oconomowoc, WI. At This time there is a strong presence of the Great Dark Horde in Jararvellir and Caer Anterth, as the successive Khans Fiona, Calvin, Korok and Rowan all come from this area. Lord Ellis also owns a large converted mansion in Caer Anterth called Lytheria, at which many SCA members rent rooms.

Racine contact information is added to the Northwatch, with Ursula von Liste as contact.

Corin and Myfanwy Become first native Northshielders to become MK Royalty. (Nathan was already royalty when he moved to Caer Anterth and finished his reign.)

Baroness Asdis of Jararvellir announces a sabbatical, appointing Master Perygren Northumbyr as Vicar. 11/1982 Nordskogen's Device is Registered.

The Northwatch cover shows a map of past and present Northshield.

Principality push. A Requirements letter is published in the Northwatch.

A regional officers meeting at Boar's Head. Petitions are present for and against principality advancement. It is announced that paperwork will take at least a year, and that principality laws will be discussed at the next regional meeting.

The Racine, WI group takes the name Keswick Ridding, meaning an "area where cheese is made, that has been cleared of trees."

The Skein is first published as Jararvellir's Baronial Newsletter. This joins The Song of the Tower (which replaced "Bites and Gripes") for Caer Anterth, The King's Garb for Myrgan Wood, The Castle Rouge Chronicle and for Nordskogen The Baronial Phredde.

The First Event in the Dakotas: "Beginnings" in Glengliondrach

AS 18

Boar War, a baronial skirmish between Nordskogen and the Barony of Coeur d'Ennui, with hopes to escalate to a border war between the Principality of Calontir and Northshield.

A major Lapse in Northwatch Publication Baron Dughal Replaces Caradoc as Regional Seneschal.

Baron Hrafn Tolftungr is removed as Baron of Jararvellir due to inactivity.

AS 19

May 1984
Baron Michel di Belguique and Baroness Armandel Nightsinger step down as Baron and Baroness of Nordskogen. Lord Caradoc llew ap Morgan is appointed Vicar.

Baroness Alixe Pfau von Herscheid retires as Founding Baroness of the Barony of Castel Rouge and is made a Baroness of the Court.

Baron Thrym Oddomsson and Baroness Gabriela Maria dei Clementini D'Orvieto are invested as the 2nd Baronage of Castel Rouge.

AS 20

Lord Caradoc Llew ap Morgan and Lady Bridget Ni Casey become the new Baron and Baroness of Nordskogen.

A map of the Region of Northshield is printed in the Northwatch showing the Following: Baronies: Myrgan Wood (Saskatoon, Sask) Castel Rouge (Winnipeg, Man) Nordskogen (Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN) Jararvellir (Madison, WI) Caer Anterth (Milwaukee, WI) Shires: Oertaith Keep (Minot, SD) Mynnydd Coron (Winona, MN) Incipient Groups: Regina, Sask Stanley, ND Grand Forks, ND Fargo, ND Mankato, MN Rochester, MN Tomah, WI Appleton, WI West Bend, WI

The forming group of Siochail Lub in West Bend, WI holds their first event "Love Feast" which continues annually.

The Northwatch publishes a population breakdown of the Middle Kingdom, separated by modern population, SCA membership, type of membership, and area of land covered. It is determined that Northshield comprises 55% of MK's land area, 15% of its modern population, and 18% of the Midrealm Membership.

The Incipient College of Nordleigh is formed.

The Northwatch listing of seneschals mentions the following new groups and their contacts: Incipient Shire of Cathair Uisge Beathe Ban (Whitewater, WI) Liralen of the Grey Dawn Incipient Canton of Dark Tower (Round Lake Beach, WI) Gustav Hansbruder Incipient Canton of Dunn River (North Prairie, WI) Ian Incipient Shire of Gotterlunde (La Crosse, WI) Ulrica of Lincoln Incipient Shire of Loch Stochenborough (Green Bay, WI) Donnelwold Dane DeForest) Incipient Shire of Siochail Lub (West Bend, WI) Maithair Shannon Incipient Canton of Tor Aere (U of M, Minneapolis, MN) Richella of Whitby Incipient Canton of Turm auf der See (Sheboygan, WI) Donato Pulchinello Incipient Shire of Twr o yr Silfren Mere (Rochester, MN) Eryl Ravenswing

To combat a perception of growing "Regionalism" in the kingdom, TRM Alen Elegil and Isabella introduce a kingdom law that prevents the use of regional names and titles, save those listed in the Kingdom seneschalorum. Northshield's newsletter now becomes an A&S newsletter to remain in publication. The next issue of the Northwatch bears as its masthead an embattled tower, defended by figures bearing on their shields an arrow pointing upward. This is variously interpreted as either a new Northshield symbol, or a depiction of the new motto-in-vogue "Up the Middle!"

AS 21

As part of efforts to combat perceived kingdom "regionalism", the office of Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for Northshield is split by the kingdom into two territorial deputy offices. Baron Dughal of Caer Anterth remains Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for WI, MN, and SD, and Baron Cein of Castel Rouge becomes Seneschal for Man, ND and Sask.

The first Warrior's Day is held in Jararvellir, "autocratted" by Korok Starbear

SCA-Con, a day of SCA administrative classes and meetings is hosted by the Barony of Jararvellir, held for the first time in Northshield.

The Shire of Silfren Mere hosts the first of their annual Castle Fever events, "Autocratted" by Lyulf MacDougal.

AS 22

Baron Cein (now Thrym Oddomson) becomes Middle Kingdom Seneschal, but retains the position of Deputy Seneschal for Sask, Man, and ND.

The Deputy Kingdom Officers listing in the Northwatch is shown flanked by two Griffons. This motif is carried through the next few years, perhaps helping displace the unofficial Northshield totem animal of the moose with that of the Griffon.

The Northwatch list of Seneschals includes the following new groups and contacts: Incipient Shire of Korsvag (Fargo, ND) Selje of Bjorn Incipient Shire of Aberafonydd (La Crosse, WI) Lady Ulrica of Lincoln Incipient Shire of Rivenwood Tower (Mankato, MN) Lord Honore

Lady Robin Fraewine becomes Deputy Seneschal for MN, SD, and WI, replacing Baron Doughal.

The Canton of Coille Stoirmeille holds the first of its annual Feast of the Beast Events.

AS 23

The Incipient Shire of Shattered Oak (Eau Claire, WI) advertises for their first "Sawdust Days" Demo.

Baron Doughal and Baroness Myffanwy step down as Baron and Baroness of Caer Anterth. Count Valerius Peancalvus and Mistress Alice of Kent become the new Baron and Baroness.

The Province of Saskatchewan (the Barony of Myrgan Wood) is transferred by board action from the Middle Kingdom to the Kingdom of An Tir.

Although the use of the word "Northshield" had been effectively banned by what came to be known as the "Regional Suppression Act," necessity had led to the revivication of the term "Northwestern Territories." This term began to be replaced again by "Northshield" with the advertisement of the Northshield Dance Seminar and Ball held in Nordskogen.

The Northwatch list of Seneschals includes the following new groups and contacts: Incipient Shire of Avongules (Grand Forks, ND) Lady Elizabeth McCullough Incipient Shire of Nadaweir (Brookings, SD) Lady Kirstan von Konigsburg Incipient Shire of Schattentor (Rapids City, SD) Lors Ambrosius the Beloved

AS 24

The Midrealm 20th Year celebration is held at the Bong Recreational Area in Southeastern WI. At this event Rathlin Trillam'han becomes Baron of Jararvellir. Harsh rains and nearby tornadoes down tents and close the event early.

With the January issue of the Northwatch, Northshield is again referred to as a Region, with Regional officers. The subtitle is now "The Arts and Science Newsletter of Northshield."

Lady Cassandra of the Western Green replaces Robin Freawine as Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for MN, SD, and WI

AS 25

In the May Northwatch, an essay on the pros and cons of becoming a principality appears, along with an unofficial poll with open-ended questions to determine support for such a move.

Lady Cassandra adds Manitoba and ND to her responsibilities as Deputy Seneschal, replacing Baron Thrym Odomsson.

The Unofficial questionnaire/poll is reprinted in the Northwatch.

Initial returns of the questionnaire indicate that Caer Anterth and Castel Rouge are not interested in Northshield becoming a principality.

Midrealm Crown Tourney is held in Nordskogen. A movement is suggested that those who support advancement of the region to principality wear burgundy ribbons to this event.

The Deputy Seneschal sends a mailed poll to each group seneschal in the region, to estimate "non-committal and unofficial" support for advancement.

The first Northshield Bardic Madness is held, a day of song, music, and poetry by Northshield's citizens. Held in Windhaven and hosted by Lord Owen Alun, this becomes one of Northshield's signature annual special-interest events.

AS 26

Results of the mailed group polls are printed in the Northwatch. Of groups 26 groups informally polled 15 were strongly or moderately for pursuing principality status, 3 were moderately or strongly against, 1 was undecided, and 7 did not respond. This is seen as support to go ahead with principality plans.

The Incipient Shire of Border Downs (Sioux Falls, SD) Hosts the first Armorgeddon, "Autocratted" by Lord Kurgen Khan. This annual border skirmish with Calontir will eventually become western Northshield's largest event, and second in size to Warriors and Warlords.

The Barony of Jararvellir hosts Midrealm Crown Tournament. Asdis Stefansdottir steps down as Baroness of Jararvellir, and Elspeth of Bibury becomes the new Baroness.

A map of the Region of Northshield appears in the Northwatch, drawn by Ld Adrien de Troyes. On this map are the Incipient Shires Trivia (Steven's Point, WI), Inner Sea (Duluth, MN) and Northern Highlands (Houghton-Hancock, MI)

The region of Northshield is split administratively for the office of Deputy Seneschal. Lady Cassandra remains DK Seneschal for MN, ND, SD, and Man. Lord Ivan Kalinan becomes DK Seneschal for WI.

A royal progress by their majesties Comar and Lisa include stops in Caer Anterth, Falcon's Keep, Castel Rouge, Border Downs, Schattentor, Avon Gules and other Northern Highlands.

The Northwatch list of Seneschals includes the following new groups and contacts: Incipient Shire of Corvis Argentatus (Austin, MN) Lady Anastasia Incipient Shire of Northern Lights (Ely, MN) Lord Ian Mac Alistair Incipient Shire of Gullmyrlende (Bemidji, MN) Incipient Shire of Rockshirehaven (St. Cloud, MN) Lady Daria de Tarios Incipient Shire of Valkland (Henning, MN) Lady Lyra Incipient Shire of Terra Fina (Brookings, SD) Lord Kurgen Khan Incipient Shire of Cour de Courage (Walworth County, WI) Baron Doughall Lathurna Incipient Shire of Kelsarn Arcorans (Beloit, WI) Lord Corwin MacTire Incipient Shire of Darkstone (Ashland, WI) Incipient Shire of Falcon's Keep(Central WI) Lady Anatolia Chryse

AS 27

Midrealm Crown Tournament is held in Nordskogen. Finn and Garlanda are the victors.

Principality interest meeting is held after Nordskogen Crown Tournament. Results are inconclusive, some groups supporting principality and some groups not.

A college of Seneschals meeting is held after a demo in Wadena, MN. Strong interest in Principality by the shires of the region leads to the decision to issue an unofficial straw poll to determine popular support. The Regional and Kingdom Seneschal give authorization for this straw poll. Barony of Castel Rouge attending supports the regions move toward greater co-operation and cohesion but refrains from interest in Principality Status.

The straw poll is disseminated to the local groups on a gradual basis. Informational meetings on the subject are held in several groups.

At a Silfren Mere event, the straw poll vote is tabulated, and in court King Finn announces the positive vote and his intention to create the Crown Principality of Northshield at Northshield Forum.

Lady Kathleen Cordelia Ni Mhalle becomes Kingdom deputy seneschal for MN, ND, SD, Ont and Man.

At the Northshield Forum event in Border Downs (Sioux Falls, SD) amid great ceremony, the Crown Principality of Northshield is created by King Finn and Queen Garlanda, it's first Prince and Princess. The "Stallari" is created as a committee to oversee eventual transition to Principality.

AS 28

The Stallari (originally Kathleen Cordelia ni Mhalle (Chair), Ivan Kalinan, Geoffrey of Warwick, Alys van Schaack, Kurghan Khan, and Josceline Levesque. Later additions: Berwyn Athelbryght of Ackley, Caradoc Llew ap Morgan, and Rathlin Trillam'han) form sub-committees for Laws, Fundraising, Regalia, Communications, Coronet Tourney Rules, and Heraldry.

Sir Angus Ulrich, beloved Northshield knight and integral member of the Northshield community, passes away.

The first of a number of Principality Name and device solicitations and polls is printed in the Northwatch.

Elashava Bas Riva becomes Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for WI, replacing Ivan Nye Tam.

The Shire of Windhaven hosts its first "Fighter's School" specialty event, which becomes a popular annual event focused on martial classes.

The name "Northshield" is endorsed by popular vote of the populace as the name of the Principality.

AS 29

The device of the Principality is selected and endorsed by popular vote.

The first Warriors and Warlords Day is held as a cooperative event between the Baronies of Jararvellir (Southwestern WI) and Nordskogen (Twin Cities area), combining their two largest traditional summer events. This event is a success from the start, becoming the Principality's largest event, and a favorite annual gathering for members across the Principality. At this first W.W. King Finn creates Baron Antonio Franco Milano the first Northshield Champion. Master Thorbjorn becomes a member of the Order of the Pelican, and Master Geoffrey and Mistress Anne step up as Baron and Baroness of Nordskogen as Caradoc and Bridget retire.

An official poll is conducted and re-conducted by the Middle Kingdom due to mail delays and address confusion. The result is positive, and of a rate of response that satisfies the Midrealm Seneschal's requirements.

Barony of Castel Rouge incorporated into the Territorial Principality of Northshield by joint BOD and Midrealm Curia decision.

The Shire of Mare Amethystinum (Thunder Bay, ON) decides by referendum to petition to leave the Principality of Ealdormere and join Northshield.

The Canton of Mistig Waetru (Houghton-Hancock, in upper MI) decides to depart the Barony of Andelcrag (Western MI) and petition to join Northshield as a Shire.

The College of Svaty Sebasta (Vermillion, SD) with Aisline MacCeuhaell as Seneschal, appears in the Pale.

The bid for advancement to Territorial Principality status is assembled by Lord Adrien de Troyes and is submitted to the Midrealm Curia by Lady Kathleen.

AS 30

The Advancement to principality status is approved by the Midrealm.

At its meeting in St. Louis, MO, the SCA Board of Directors approve the Northshield Petition for advancement.

Master Thorbjorn the Greysides, longtime Northshield officer and integral member of the Northshield community, passes away.

First Northshield Coronet and Investiture is held at Nordskogen Twelfth Night. Dafydd ap Gwalchmai and Belrix of Bluerose are the finalists. King Tarquin and Queen Aibhlinn Crown the victor Dafydd and his inspiration, Gwenyth Felton, as first Prince and Princess. They reign as Prince and Princess for eleven months.

Lord Alexandre Vasilivech Lev Becomes Northshield Seneschal.

AS 31

Midrealm Crown is held in the Barony of Caer Anterth. Osis and Caitlin are the victors.

The Incipient Canton of Cascade de Pierre Rouge (Jefferson County, WI) is formed as a Canton of Jararvellir.

The first "Well-Versed Issue" of the Northwatch is published. This begins a pamphlet series showcasing songs and poetry by Northshield citizens.

Prince Conn Mac Neil and Princess Kassandra Tenebrosa: 2nd NS Royalty

AS 32

At Coronation in Ohio, Baron Rathlin and Baroness Elspeth of Jararvellir step down and Baron Giles Devon and Baroness Elashava Bas Riva become the new Baron and Baroness of Jararvellir.

6/97 -11/97
Prince Seigfried Schneepanther and Princess Therica Pembroke of Stonegate Manor: 3rd NS Royalty

Prince Cnut Ragnarsson and Princess Nina Morovna Korsokova: 4th NS Royalty

AS 33

6/98 -11/98
Prince Belrix of Bluerose and Princess Prism of Bluerose: 5th NS Royalty

Prince Tarrach Alfson and Princess Fiona nicAoidh: 6th NS Royalty

At Fighter's School in Windhaven (Fox Valley Area, WI) the Shire of Windhaven is elevated to Barony; Nathan of Windhaven and Deirdre Woodville are invested as Founding Baron and Baroness.

AS 34

6/99 -11/99
Prince Alisdair MacFhearghuis and Princess Isabelle de la Montana: 7th NS Royalty

Prince Gaylen the Smiling and Princess Kelinda Garrett: 8th NS Royalty

A populace Althing names Kingdom Status the most important agenda item, calls for straw poll of populace for interest.

AS 35

6/2000 -11/2000
Prince Tristan von Eisig and Princess Eilika von Lutzen: 9th NS Royalty

Straw poll results show over 80% support for action towards kingdom status.

Tristan and Eilika announce formation of the Kingdom Exploratory Group (KEG) to determine what is needed to advance to kingdom status.

Prince Saeric Scireham and Princess Yasamine al-Hadiyya: 10th NS Royalty

Saeric and Yasamine announce first twelve members of the KEG. Sub-committees are formed.

At Boar's Head in Caer Anterth Mawr (Milwaukee, WI) Giles and Elashava step down as Baron and Baroness of Jararvellir, and Adrien de Troyes and Dame Josceline Levesque are invested as the new Baron and Baroness of Jararvellir.

At Twelfth Night feast in Castel Rouge (Winnipeg, MB), Baron Thrym Oddomsson and Baroness Gabriella step down, and Sir Hreodbeorht of Harundell and Faerisa are invested as the new Baron and Baroness of Castel Rouge.

AS 36

6/01 -10/01
Prince Kenneth die Katze and Princess Leyla ibnat ask-Shamaal: 11th NS Royalty

Prince Niklos Luctator and Princess Aramanthra the Vicious: 12th NS Royalty

Niklos and Aramanthra change the mandate of the KEG from determining what needs to be accomplished to become a kingdom to actively fulfilling those steps needed to become a kingdom.

Northshield expands its borders to include Northern Ontario to Wawa, ON, and the Marquette area of Upper MI as The Incipient shire of Skerrstrand (Marquette, MI) petitions to join Northshield.

The KEG and royalty set a timetable for bid submission tasks, culminating in the projected date of spring 2004 for Kingdom Status.

AS 37

5/02 -10/02
Prince Kitakaze Tatsu Raito and Princess Elashava Bas Riva: 13th NS Royalty.

Quest for Camelot, a border skirmish with An Tir and Artemesia held in Schattentor (Rapids City, SD), is the first non-coronet designated a "Principality Event."

A draft Kingdom advancement application is assembled. A questionnaire is distributed to populace to gather opinions on various points of Law, Arts and Sciences, and Financial Issues.

The incipient Canton of Wolfholm (Monroe, WI), a canton of Jararvellir, is listed in the Northwatch

Prince Kitakaze Tatsu Raito and Princess Elashava Bas Riva presented the completed petition for Kingdom status to Their Majesties Tarrach and Fina of the Midrealm for then to send to the BoD.

Prince Robert the Thunderous and Princess Isabella Falcoa da Galinha (1st repeat royal: was Isabella de Montagna): 14th NS Royalty

AS 38

5/3/2003 Prince Leif Haakonson and Princess Astrid of the Yellow Rose: 15th NS Royalty

5/2003 Alasdair MacFhearghuis wins Midrealm Crown Tournament for Guenievre du Dragon Vert; this is the last Midrealm Crown Tournament in which Northshield residents may compete before Northshield becomes a kingdom.

7/19/2003 The Society Board of Directors approved Northshield's petition to become a kingdom.

9/2003 Alasdair and Guenievre become 68th Sovereigns of the Middle Kingdom, the last Northshield residents to serve as Midrealm royalty.

10/4/2003 Aubrey Swyftwater and Anne Geoffreys of Warwick: 16th NS Royalty

AS 39

5/8/2004 A tournament to determine the first sovereigns for the (future) Kingdom of Northshield is held in the Barony of Windhaven.  As King and Queen of the Midrealm, Alasdair and Guenievre oversee the first Northshield Crown Tournament and recognize Siegfried and Bridei as the Heirs to the future kingdom.

5/8/2004 Hrodir Vigageirr Toreson and Giulia Isabella da Venezia: 17th NS Royalty (Final Principality Royalty)

10/16/2004  Siegfried von Kulmbach and Bridei nic Gillechattan are Crowned as the Premier King and Queen of the new Kingdom of Northshield.

Forming the backbone of the new Kingdom, five Baronies were Invested:

  • For Castel Rouge: Hreodbeorht of Harhundell and Faerisa Gwynarden

  • For Jaravellir: Eithni ingen Talorgain

  • For Caer Anterth Mawr: Valerius Paencalvus and Alice of Kent

  • For Nordskogen: Rodrigo de Montoya and Kateryn of Roseberry Topping   

  • For Windhaven:  Dagr Skorrison and Leaina De Gaeta

4/9/2005  Tarrach Alfson and Fina ingen Aeda: 2nd King and Queen of Northshield.


9/10/2005 Kitakaze Tatsu Raito and Æsa Gilsdottir: 3rd King and Queen of Northshield.

12/2005 A new group forms in the Eveleth, MN area calling itself the Outpost of Sol Invictus. That same month, the Outpost of Darkstone advances to Shire status.

1/2006 The Outpost of Trewint advances to Shire status.

3/11/2006 Windhaven Baronial Investiture of Alexandre Blackstone and Morgan.

3/2006 the Outpost of Sol Invictus changes its name to the Outpost of Raven’s Moor. That same month, the Outpost of Bismarck changes its name to the Outpost of Dreibrucken.

4/8/2006 Lars Wolfsblut and Mary of Carrigart, 4th King and Queen.

AS 41

5/2006 A new group forms in the Fairmont, MN area calling itself the Outpost of the Oubliette. That same month, another group forms in the Phelps, WI area calling itself the Outpost of the Northwoods.

6/2006 The Shire of Lub Siochail ceases operation.

7/2006 A new group forms in the Ironwood, MI area calling itself the Outpost of Ketilblastr. That same month, the Outpost of the Northwoods changes its name to the Outpost of Phelps.

9/17/2006 Siegfried von Kulmbach and Gwyneth Felton, 5th King and Queen. This is their Ducal reign.

10/2006 Several forming groups cease operations including the Outpost of the Oubliette, Outpost of Phelps, and Outpost of Ketilblastr.

11/2006 The Outpost of Noiregarde advances to Shire status.

12/9/2006 Caer Anterth Mawr Baronial Investiture of Alasdair Calum Montgomery and Kateryn of the Amber Mists

2/2007 The Freehold of Skerjastrond advances to Shire status. That same month the Outpost of Raven’s Moor ceases operation.

4/14/2007 Hrodir Vigageirr Toreson and Giulia Isabella da Venezia, 6th King and Queen of Northshield

AS 42

9/8/2007 Hagan and Eilis mac Maurice, 7th King and Queen  

10/2007 The Outpost of Wulfhomm ceases operation

11/2007 The Barony of Nordskogen hosts Known World Academy of Rapier. This is the first time a Society level event is held in the Kingdom of Northshield.

12/2007 A new group forms in the Bemidji, MN area calling itself the Village of Orlova Dolina.

1/19/2008 Nordskogen Baronial Investiture of Ilya Mstislavich and Saraidh ingen Guairi

3/2008 In the Norwalk, WI area a group briefly forms calling itself the Northern canton. This group only lasts for two months before ceasing.

4/19/2008 Lars Wolfsblut and Mary of Carrigart, 8th King and Queen. This will be their Ducal reign.

AS 43

7/2008 A new group forms in the Saint Francis, MN area calling itself the Village of Blachmere.

9/13/2008 Kitadate-tenno and Æsa Gilsdottir for Their Ducal reign as 9th King and Queen.

12/2008 The Outpost of Dreibrucken advances to Shire status.

2/14/2009 Windhaven Baronial Investiture of Grimmund Blackwing

4/4/2009 Stephen du Bois and Ailleanne ingen Faelin, 10th King and Queen of Northshield..

4/2009 A new group forms in the Phelps, WI area calling itself the Village of Norwealdmere. That same month, the Shire of Stromfels ceases operation.

AS 44

9/5/2009 Castel Rouge Baronial Investiture of  James Erec of York and Isobel atte Wode.

9/12/2009 Duke Siegfried von Kulmbach III and Elizabeth von Kulmbach I, 11th King and Queen of Northshield

11/7/2009 Jaravellir Baronial Investiture of Kitakaze Tatsu Raito and Æsa Gilsdottir.

4/10/2010 Tom I and Sigrid I are seated upon the Griffin Thrones as the twelfth Monarchs.

4/2010 The Shire of Rockwall ceases operation.

AS 45

5/2010 A new group forms in the Brandon, Manitoba area calling itself the Village of Heorotdenu.

8/2010 A new group forms in the Ironwood, MI area calling itself the Village of Ketelblastr.

9/11/2010  Hrodir II and Anne I, 13th King and Queen. This is Hrodir’s Ducal reign.

9/2010 The Village of Ketelblastr changes its name to the Village of Hvitskogar.

11/2010 The Village of Orlova Dolina advances to Shire status.

12/4/2010 Caer Anterth Mawr Baronial Investoture of Albrecht of Caer Anterth Mawr and Eva of Greenfield.

1/2011 The Village of Blachmere advances to Canton Status and affiliates with the Barony of Nordskogen.

4/9/2011 Morgan I and Lusche I, 14th reign of Northshield.

AS 46

9/10/2011 Vladimir I and Petranella I, fifteenth monarchs of Northshield.

2/25/2012 Windhaven Baronial Investiture of Grimmund Blackwing and Mira Fastova. This is the second term for Grimmund Blackwing.

3/2012 The Village of Wynandremer advances to Shire status.

4/14/2011 Wulfgar and Devon take the Griffin Thrones as sixteenth Northshield King and Queen.

AS 47

9/8/2011 Yngvar and Luce, seventeenth Monarchs.

1/5/2012 Nordskogen Baronial Investiture of Invest Edward of Kent and Dejaneecie Amidarium Vu


1/26/2013 Jaravellir Baronial Investiture of Robert the Stout

3/2013 The College of Tor Aerie ceases operation.

4/13/2013 Morgan II and Lusche II, eighteenth Northshield Monarchs. This is their Ducal reign.

AS 48

9/15/2013 Hrodir III and Anne II reclaim the Griffin throne as the nineteenth Northshield reign. This is Anne’s Ducal reign.

12/7/2013 Caer Anterth Mawr  Baronial Investiture of Kateryn of the Amber Mists with Their Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr. This is her second term.

4/12/2014 Siegfried IV and Elizabeth II, twentieth Northshield Monarchs. This is Elizabeth’s Ducal reign.

AS 49

6/2014 The Village of Hvitskogar advances to Shire status.

8/2014 The Barony of Jaravellir hosts Known World Cooks and Bards Symposium.

8/31/2014 Castel Rouge Baronial Investiture of David DuPont and Clare Agatha MacLeod.

9/13/2014 Vladimir II and Petranella II are crowned the twenty first King and Queen of Northshield. This is their Ducal reign.

10/2014 A new group forms in the Green Bay, WI area calling itself the College of Bentbridge. It aligns with the Barony of Windhaven.

2/28/2015 Windhaven Baronial Investiture of Grimmund Blackwing and Mira Fastova. This is the third term for Grimmund Blackwing and the second for Mira Fastova.

4/11/2015 Tom II and Sigrid II ascend the Griffin Thrones for their Ducal reign as the twenty second King and Queen.

AS 50

8/2015 The Shire of Western Keep ceases operation.

9/2015 The Barony of Nordskogen hosts Known World Metal and Glass Symposium. This was the first event of its kind for this field of study.

9/12/2015 Toyaoka Katsuo and Aethelflaed are crowned as the twenty third Monarchs of Northshield.

1/9/2016 Nordskogen Baronial Investiture of Geoffrey of Warwick and Sitt al-Thullaja.


1/30/2016 Jaravellir Baronial Investiture of Robert Talbot and Leona Talbot

4/9/2016 Rhys and Gwenhwyvar become the twenty fourth Monarchs of Northshield.

AS 51

5/14/2016 Duke Hrodir Vigageirr Toreson fighting for the honor of Master Yehuda ben Yitzhak wins the crown tournament to become the first same gender Royal Heirs of Northshield and in the SCA.

9/10/2016      In their final Court, TRM Rhys and Gwenhwyvar debut the Order of the Gems of Northshield. This award is given to honor groups (ex. Shires, Clans, FightingTeams) who have, as a group, given outstanding service to the Kingdom. Premier recipients were the Household of the Lost Boys and Wendys, the Shire of Schattentor, and the guild the Worshipful Company of Moneyers.

Also on this date, Hrodir IV and Yehuda ascend the Stellar Thrones as Bek and Khagan of Northshield. They are the first reigning same gender pair to do so. This is a researched reign with Their Majesties having pattered the traditions of their reign on the Kingdom of Khazaria, a Turkic kingdom that stretched between the Black to the Caspian Seas between roughly 650 and 1016CE. Khazaria was an open, multicultural region whose leadership evolved into a dual-king model—a Khagan and a Bek. The ethnic Khazars were a Turkic people, but Khazaria was a multicultural kingdom which absorbed influences from Byzantium, the Norse (via Kiev, which began as a Khazar city), Judaism (the royalty and some degree of the Khazar nobility converted to Judaism before the kingdom fell!) and Islam. Sitting astride the Silk Road, they had contact with China as well, and archaeological evidence includes dragon motifs. As such, Khazaria is ideal for Hrodir (norse) and Yehudah, who was already a Khazar Jew. Khazaria was ruled under a dual-king system common in Turkic kingdoms, derived from Mongol practice, in which a Khagan was the spiritual and cultural leader while the Bek evolved to be the military and administrative leader. In historical practice, the distinction was somewhat akin to that of the Japanese Emperor and Shogun.

10/8/2016      From afield of 10 combatants comprising the list for the Fall Crown Tournament, Duke Konrad der Lowe von Ulm fighting for the honor of Aibhilin Fhionn emerged victorious. The Royal Heirs are immigrants to Northshield from the Kingdom of the East where His Grace was King in AS XLII and again in AS XLIV.

12/3/16 Caer Anterth Mawr Baronial Investiture of Armond le Charpentier and Sofonisba Vespasiana Gabrielli

4/8/17 Coronation of Konrad der Lowe von Ulm and Aibhilin Fhionn as the 26th Monarchs of Northshield


5/13/17 In culmination of a quest lasting nearly 3 decades fighting for his inspiration Mistress Cassandra Antonelli, Sir Kaydian Bladebreaker is victorious in the Spring Crown Tournament defeating Sir Jean du Malchance.

July – At Pennsic, Northshield serves as a Principal belligerent for the first time. Their Majesties had previously announced an alliance with the Kingdom of Aethelmearc for this year. Wordfame was reported back from the front lines in great quantity.

9/9/17 – Prince Kaydian Bladebreaker and Princess Cassandra Antonelli are crowned the 27th Monarchs of Northshield
Their Majesties advocated an atmosphere of inclusiveness by furthering the “One Kingdom, One Army” theme. As part of this, they announced their support of having proposed entrants into their anticipated crown tournament to participate in activities long associated with the nobility including chess and dancing. In addition, they also advocated “cross-field” combat where participants who were authorized or became authorized in both heavy and rapier combat fought in tournaments in both fields. While participation was not required and had no impact on the actual tournament the concept was generally warmly received by the populace who were pleased to be included in the activities.

10/14/17 – On a day that included a surprise snowfall in the western reaches of the Kingdom, one of the largest fields since the first Crown Tournament assembled to determine the future of the kingdom. From this field emerged Count Yngvar inn  Heppni fighting for Countess Luce Tolle to grasp the Heir’s coronets.

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