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Thatsa Mare XX

Hosted by: Shire of Mare Amethystinum

Start Date: 6/27/2014 Thru End Date: 6/29/2014 49
Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park
HWY 17
Kakabeka ON P0T 1W0

Planned Activities: Armored Combat , Archery , Bardic Activities , Classes , Dancing

Site fee- includes breakfast and feast

$ 25.00 non member

$ 20.00 member

$ 10.00 children ages 6-15

$ free children 5 and under

Family rate $55.00 ( 2adults & 2 children over 6)additional children $6.00 each


Baroness Christians de Avochelie ( Karen Merkley) will provide Saturday morning breakfast free of charge

She will also be our feast steward and can be contacted ;

Feast Menu:  please pre-register

Our simple and hearty fare will be nut-free, with options to accommodate gluten-free and vegetarian diets.  Please identify these requirements during pre-registration to ensure sufficient quantities.

Beverage:  lemon water

Starter course:   bread, butter, cheese curds

Second course:  vegetable pottage (soup) with chicken (vegetarian option on request)

Third course:  green salad, stuffed eggs, pickled vegetables, pork medallions (cold)

Fourth course:  meatballs in onion gravy (vegetarian option on request)

Dessert course:  shortbread; strawberries in lombardy syrup

This is a camping event.  There will be a variety of activities such as bardic challenges, highland and lowland games, Fighting, dancing, the Crimson Tortoise (our pub) for evening festivities, and lots of merriment.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact :

Dennise Davis (Lady Gabrielle de Solange).             Jenny Duggan (Pipa O'Dubhagain)

308 Fassina Street.                                                 214 Academy drive

Thunder Bay.                                                          Thunder Bay,

ON, P7B 5Y4.                                                         ON, P7B 5N6

807-621-8533.                                                        807-632-2569

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