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Law Clerk (KLO)

Margaret Fitzwilliam of Kent

(Jennifer 'Pixel' Getty)
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(612) 803-2458
Took Office: 08/23/2022
Position Details
This office assists the Kingdom Seneschal in maintaining the Laws, and advising the Crown on the wording and compatibility of proposed Law. The Clerk maintains the electronic document, and conveys it to the Chronicler annually for publishing. The Clerk also monitors the document for logical conflicts, inconsistencies, and loopholes. The Kingdom Seneschal then presents these items to the Crown for possible action. Additional responsibilities include writing and amending laws and proposals.
Previous Officers
Persona Name Email Start Date End Date Term
Margaret Fitzwilliam of Kent Login to view 8/23/2022 Active 23 months
Petranella Fitzallen of Weston Login to view 9/1/2019 8/23/2022 35 months
Gabriel Kjotvason Login to view 7/19/2017 9/1/2019 26 months
Diarmait mac Dauid Login to view 5/17/2014 7/19/2017 38 months
Fina ingen Aeda Login to view 5/14/2011 5/17/2014 36 months
Caradoc Llew Du ap Morgan Login to view 10/16/2004 5/14/2011 79 months

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