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Northshield Pavilion Dags

Since the sale of the Northshield Pavilion was announced, the Stallari Council has received several questions. In order to publicly address the concerns raised, we reviewed appropriate Kingdom records and consulted Society heraldry experts.


1.     Donations for a specific cause/purpose/fund vs. Income from the sale of a Kingdom asset.  Donations were made to purchase a pavilion for the Kingdom. The pavilion was purchased (becoming a Kingdom asset) and lived its useful life.  The sale of the pavilion, as a Kingdom asset, is a separate matter/piece of business.  The Stallari Council is permitted to designate the distribution of income from the sale of any Kingdom asset.  After due consideration, the decision was made to split the income: 50% to the Website Fund and 50% to the Regalia Fund.

2.     Many people feel that, since they paid for a dag to be painted with their device, that dag belongs to them.  It would be more accurate to say that people made donations to assist in the purchase of a pavilion,and, in recognition of that donation, their device was displayed on the pavilion.  This is equivalent to having a donor's name on a plaque on the wall.  The plaque does not belong to the donor; it is recognition of the donation.  The dags are the same: they do not belong to the donor; they are recognition of the donation.

3.      Some people do not want their personal armoury/device displayed on someone else's privately-owned pavilion.  This situation is more complicated. Generally, individuals do have control over where their device is displayed.  However, the permission to display the device on the pavilion goes with the pavilion.  When the pavilion was sold, the permissions went with it.  The Stallari Council has no control over what happens to the dags at this point.  The pavilion was sold "as-is', thus it is up to the new owner to decide what will be done with the dags.

That being said, the new owner is willing to part with individual dags to the persons whose devices are displayed on them and who would like to have the dag.

·        If you are interested in having the dag containing your heraldic device, please email your contact information (including both SCA and modern names) with an electronic picture of your device to Baroness Bridget( ) with the Subject line: "I want the dag with my device".

·        Requests must be sent to her by July 15, 2015.

·        Once the arrangements have been made with the new owner, and the dags removed from the pavilion, they will be sent to Baroness Bridget for redistribution to the requesters.

·        Due to the required coordination, peoples'availability, and upcoming summer events, we hope to have this completed by September 15.

This is a one-time only offer.  Once the deadline is past, no further requests will be accepted.


Please direct any further questions to the Kingdom Exchequer, Sefa Farmansdóttir, at

Posted by: Elis Godbeare Kingdom Seneschal on 6/16/2015

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