Did you know that there were gnomes in the Gnorthshield? Did you know that there were gnomes in the Gnorthshield?

Additional information about Youth Policy

There is a new Youth Policy on the website. Please read it. I know that there are many questions floating around, and I am here and willing to answer or find out the answers to all of them. Some answers that I know people have asked are answered here or in the new Youth Policy. Please also remember that I do not often post on the Northshield Hall, so if you would like a question answered, write me, call me, or ask me at an event. Writing me gives the best chance of me having the answer handy.

The company doing the background checks is IntelliCorp, Inc. Other background checks can not be used because we need to have the same check done on everyone. The SCA is only checking criminal background, not credit or employment history, and we are trying to have that noted on standard forms. The SCA is not keeping the data for the background checks. Appeals about the results of the background check can be made to IntelliCorp, Inc. ;

Background checks will START to be done on February 15. We understand that the checks will take time, with all of the US youth officers in the Society doing them at the same time.

If an activity was planned for adults, such as an archery shoot, A&S classes, or armored combat, then the youth policy does not apply. The guardian of the youth still has responsibility and, by the youth being there, the youth and guardian are agreeing to have the youth treated as an adult. If the activity is planned for youth, such as children’s activities or a youth archery shoot, then the youth policy applies and a warranted Youth Officer or Youth Marshal must be present, if the activity is in the USA.

Link to Youth Policy

Posted by: Katriona ni Chonarain Kingdom Seneschal on 1/10/2008

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