Jois Corbet, on the archery line Jois Corbet, on the archery line

November Missive

Congratulations to Rhys ap Owein ap Gwyn& Gwenhwyvar ap Owein ap Gwyn fortheir victory at our Crown Tournament inthe Shire of Midewinde. Please join us inwelcoming them to the royal family.

We would like to profusely thank everyonewho came to our Coronation last monthand made the day momentous. The folkof Border Downs were excellent hosts, andit was inspiring to see everyone who madethe effort to dress in Japanese garb. We aregrateful to all of our predecessors who haveruled from the thrones of Northshield andcontinue to counsel us with their wisdom.

Have you received an award lately? If so,please look on the back of the scroll andthank the scribe who made this one-of-akindwork of art for you. We have incrediblytalented scribes in Northshield who spendmany long hours creating scrolls, and receivenothing in return besides our appreciation.

We look forward to seeing you all as wetravel throughout the kingdom and abroad.

Toyaoka-Tenno andCwen Æthelflæd

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Posted by: Toyaoka Katsuo King on 10/12/2015

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