Many suggestions were made about this hat at Masquerade II Many suggestions were made about this hat at Masquerade II

February Missive

Greetings to all! We hope that your travels have been safe and full of family and friends. The winter eventing season is upon us and after 12th Night we are currently planning to be at an event every weekend from the Tournament of Chivalry through the trip South following Their Royal Majesties to Gulf Wars. Please check the Northshield site to track our travels. We look forward to catching up with old friends and new ones.

Registration is now open for camping at the SCA 50 Year Celebration being held in the Midrealm. We have arranged for a Group for Northshield so that we can all camp together. As you register for the event (link on the Northshield Calendar), there is a section labeled camping. After you inform them that you are camping, there is a drop down menu that has Northshield Populace listed. More information on this will be posted to the Northshield Hallemail list and to the Northshield page andgroup on the Book of Faces.

In the event that something should happen toour esteemed parents, and then eventually tous, it is wise to look forward to secure the lineof Northshield. As such, please see elsewherein this Northwatch the requirements for theSpring Crown Tournament to be held in theCanton of Coille Stoirmeil the second weekendof May A.S. LI. We hope to see many newcombatants and consorts for our tournament.If you have any reservations or questions, pleasefeel free to contact us to talk about it.

Rhys and Gwenhwyvar

Other missives from the Their Royal Highnesses
Posted by: Rhys and Gwenhwyvar Their Royal Highnesses on 1/11/2016

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