The army of Northshield at Pennsic 27 (1997) The army of Northshield at Pennsic 27 (1997)

May Missive


The Archer General, I, and others have been discussing ways to update the Northshield Archery Rankings. Many people have not submitted scores in several years.

We have decided to keep the current system, based on Royal Round scores, but in order to maintain one's current active rank, one will have to submit a royal round score at least once every 2 years. If a score, even one that is less than one's current high score, is not submitted within that time frame, the archer would be moved from the active rankings to a retired ranking. I will create and maintain a spreadsheet with everyone’s current ranking, high score, and the date of their most recent submitted score. Everyone currently ranked must submit a score by 1 May 2019, to keep his or her current rank. Scores should be submitted to Full details on the kingdom archery rankings are found at .

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Other missives from the Archer Ranking Clerk
Posted by: Arnbjørn Karlsson Archer Ranking Clerk on 4/18/2017

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