And Vlad keeps going...and going...and going... (Vladimir Radescu) And Vlad keeps going...and going...and going... (Vladimir Radescu)

Spring 2017 Crown Combatant List

Greetings Northshield,

Below is the list of Combatants and Consorts for Their Stellar Majesties Konrad and Aibhilin's Spring Crown Tournament, with chosen weapon style.

Sir James Applegate for The Honorable Lady Aneira Applegate with Sword and Shield.

Master Corydon Rathbone for Maistresse Typhaine Arondeal with Sword and Shield.

Master Simon Morcar for Maestra Margalit Medicus with Polearm.

The Honorable Lord Hideyoshi Yoshimitsu No kami Nobunaga Hatamoto for Lady Caoilfhionn inghean Mhaghnusa with Polearm.

Sir Jean du MalChance for Mistress Katerina Unru with Sword and Shield.

Sir Kaydian Bladebreaker for Mistress Cassandra Antonelli with Two Weapons.

Sir Herjolf Eilifsson for Lady Cecily of York with Sword and Shield.

Sir Geoffrey de la Brugge for Mistress Tatiana Marana Melville with Sword and Shield.

Countess Gwenhwyvar verch Owen ap Morgan for Count Rhys ap Owein ap Gwyn with Two Weapons.

The Honorable Lord Refkell Melrakki Einarsson's for The Honorable Lady Jehanette de Provins with Sword and Shield.

Duke Vladimir for Duchess Petranella with Bastard Sword.

The Honorable Lord Taion Orbanus intend to advance the Honor Of Lady Sorcha Bhuide with Sword and Shield.

In Service,


Posted by: Eysteinn meinfretr (called William) Kingdom Seneschal on 4/21/2017

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