Wulfric and Judith dancing Wulfric and Judith dancing

October 2008 Northwatch Missive


October is a time when the change of seasons becomes clear in Our great northern lands. As winter preparations begin, take some time to commit to memory those moments that most inspire you in the Society.

This month brings Our Crown Tournament in Midewinde. We hope that many can take the time to visit this wonderful group and witness the most chivalrous, proud and exciting tournament in Northshield.

Though it is many months off, We have turned Our eyes toward Gulf Wars and We would love nothing more than to have a unified army upon those battlefields. We encourage those authorized in heavy fighting to begin work to authorize in rapier combat, and for Our rapier combatants to authorize in heavy weapons. As we are One Kingdom, so should we field One Army.

In the coming months expect to see an announcement for a tournament We will hold to determine the Banner Bearer for Gulf Wars, and possibly other wars next season. This will be very similar to the tournament from Our last reign, and will require both martial skill and knowledge of heraldry.

Finally, We wish to express Our continued gratitude to the good people of Northshield for your generosity, kindness and unique spirit that makes these lands Our favorite place to be.

In joyous service,

AEsa Drottning and Kitadate-tenno

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Posted by: Æsa Drottning and Kitadate-tenno Their Royal Majesties on 10/1/2008

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