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January 2009 Northwatch Missives

Greetings Kinsmen,

We hope this missive finds you keeping warm and busy during these Winter months. As the new year arrives, We are busily attending to Our duties as well. One of Our responsibilities is to find Heirs when the time comes, and although Our Crown Tournament site had not been finalized as this missive was written, We have determined Our requirements and format.

Therefore, We hereby open Our Crown Tournament to all gentles who meet the requirements as set forth in Corpora and Kingdom law. The additional requirements for entry to Our Crown Tournament are as follows:

1. The participants shall have in Our and the Kingdom Seneschal’s hands prior to midnight, March 31, 2009, a letter detailing their intent to participate, such letter to include names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Email is acceptable. The responsibility for Our receipt of these letters rests solely upon the participants.

2. All other information required by Kingdom law (photo ID, membership, Northwatch, and authorization card) must be provided on the day of the tournament.

3. All participants shall have an AoA or equivalent award.

The format for Our Crown Tournament is as follows:

1. The tournament shall be a standard double elimination tournament, save that each bracket shall be fought until there is a single combatant remaining, those two will meet in the finals.

2. The first round shall be seeded by challenge, the challengers drawn by token during the introduction prior to Crown.

3. Each match shall be conducted as the best 3 of 5 bouts. In the first bout, the junior in precedence shall choose weapons. In the second bout, the senior in precedence shall choose, in the third bout, the junior shall choose, and so on.

4. Weapons format shall be matched weapons form from the following forms: Weapon and Shield, Polearm, Great Sword, Florentine, and 6 foot Spear. Weapons forms may not be repeated in a bout.

5. All weapons will be less than 6 feet in length. For purposes of this tournament, a Great Sword shall be any 2 handed sword over 48 inches in length and less than 6 feet.

6. All losses shall be forgiven just prior to the finals.

7. The format for the finals will be best 2 out of 3 fights.  Each fight will be best 3 out of 5 bouts exactly as the rest of the tournament was conducted.

For the good of the land and its people,

Prince Stephen & Princess Ailleanne

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Posted by: Stephen and Ailleanne Their Royal Highnesses on 1/1/2009

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