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May 2009 Northwatch Missive


What a fun month April has been, kicking off with Our Coronation which was a wonderful day that will live in Our memories always. Thank you so much to the event staff, the Barony of Jararvellir, and to everyone who made that day so perfect.
As We settle into the Spring and Summer months, We look first to the business of finding Heirs. Our Crown Tournament list was announced at Coronation (and on page 12) and looks to be challenging indeed. Fifteen honorable, worthy, and skilled fighters will take the field to advance the honor of those who inspire them. It is important to note that if for any reason the scheduled Crown Tournament has to be canceled, the alternate site will be at Castle Fever/TOC, in the Shire of Silfren Mere on May 23, 2009.

War season is upon us and it is time to make the Griffin Army ready to face many adversaries. Our borders will be challenged at Quest for Camelot and Border Skirmish. We have designated Mermaids and Castle Fever as Regional War Practices, which are designed to hone the Army’s skills. We are encouraging all who participate in the summer campaign to wear your Kingdom colors and arms. Space in the middle section of this issue of the Northwatch has been reserved to display the Northshield Griffin, for your use as a pattern when creating or augmenting tabards for the Army.

It has come to Our attention that some areas of the Kingdom Largess are depleted. If you are wondering what might make a good gift to the Kingdom, one of the things that We have great need of are circlets so that We may give them to deserving gentles who receive Awards of Arms.

We are excited about the upcoming months, and looking forward to seeing many of you during that time. Northshield is where We were “born and raised”, it is the place We have always called home, and it is within these borders that We have found more friendship and warmth than anyone can ever know. We are extremely proud of each of you who make this Kingdom what it is and feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to serve as your King and Queen.

For the good of the land and its people,
Stephen & Ailleanne

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Posted by: Stephen and Ailleanne Their Royal Majesties on 4/29/2009

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