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People of Northshield, Hear the Words of Your Crown!

Sitting here in our Great Hall on this first day of April We wish to
call upon the omnipotence We’re sure we’ll attain one week from this
writing to thank all of those whose great deeds and generosity will be
so well displayed at Our Coronation. Truly Northshield is graced with
more than her fair share of wonderful people.

It does not take omnipotence, however, to foresee that there are tasks
ahead of us that will require the assistance of many good folk. First
on our minds, though distant in time and geography, are the tasks
important for making Pennsic memorable for all those Northshield
Pilgrims who journey there. This is a new beginning for Northshield as
it is our first Pennsic as a Kingdom, and we are aware that traditions
can be changed. Some past activities have been the Northshield party,
hosting Inter-Kingdom Bardic Gatherings, and muster breakfasts. We have
an opportunity as a Kingdom to decide whether these activities are
where we wish to spend our time and energy. We understand that Pennsic
is a vacation, and if time and energy is lacking to support these
activities we do not feel bound to have them. If you want these
activities, or others not yet discussed, to take place, please
volunteer! Contact Us or our Chamberlains with your ideas and
availability to help with or coordinate an activity, and We’ll throw
our own support behind the activities chosen by Our people.

Still on the subject of Pennsic… One thing we know will be important is
shade on the battlefield. The Kingdom will be renting a Grimms pavilion
to provide some of this precious commodity, and donations to defray the
costs for this are welcome – Our exchequer, Tarja, is the person to
contact about this.

We look forward with anticipation to May 14th – a most auspicious date
indeed, for on that day Northshield will have heirs! The list of
combatants and consorts will be announced at Coronation and placed on
our website thereafter. These people are volunteering for a year of
some of the most concentrated service that it is possible to give in
the Society, for while the positions of Tanists and Crown are greatly
honored and esteemed, they are also demanding and costly. We thank them
all for taking the time to meet our requirements as we try to ensure
Northshield will have the best possible field of contenders for the
Crown, and hope that everyone will give them the honor they’ve earned
through their willingness to serve. Come and witness great deeds as the
combatants vie for the right to name their consorts Heir to the Crown.

In addition, this will be the first time We as a Kingdom host our
friends and allies from the Outlands and Artemesia at Quest for Camelot
on May 19-22. We encourage anyone who can, to make the trip to the
beautiful Hills of Schattentor and experience this wonderful event. As
we know from our own experience how much volunteering can add to an
event, and we know that this event offers ample opportunity for helping
out, we also encourage any of you who are going to contact the event
stewards via their website, and volunteer! Anyone arriving Friday night
will be greeted at the gate by our smiling faces, as we take our own
advice in this. Come and help us make this an amazing Kingdom Event.

We will end the month celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the Barony of
Castle Rouge. Such celebrations provide an opportunity to remember
joyous moments from the past, as well as looking to the future. We wish
the people of Castle Rouge to know how much we value our memories of
times in their Barony, and encourage all who can to come and remember
with Us, or begin to make your own memories in one of the oldest groups
in the Kingdom.

At all of these events we would love to recognize worthy people. Please
send your award recommendations to us as soon as possible! Other events
that we will be attending later in the summer are listed on our
website, and in the Northwatch calendar. We encourage people to check
them, and write us to recommend good gentles to our attention – we are
more likely to give awards when we have time to commission scrolls and
make sure that we have our facts straight.

One last thing we’d like to do in this letter. We wish to thank
Siegfried and Bridei for their work for the Kingdom as Northshield’s
first King and Queen. We are incredibly lucky to have been their Heirs.
They leave Us a Kingdom greatly enriched by their labors. Most of all,
they’ve given Northshield a birth full of love, and laughter, and that
is a gift We cannot thank them for enough.

It is Our great honor to serve as Your King and Queen,

Tarrach and Fina

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Posted by: Tarrach and Fina Their Royal Majesties on 5/1/2005

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