Davidd the Sagacious of Black Hill Davidd the Sagacious of Black Hill

July 2009 Northwatch Missive

Greetings Unto Our Great Northshield Family,

First We would like to give Our thanks to all those who have offered kind words, support, and aid. It’s truly been a bit overwhelming in regards to the kindnesses We’ve been shown in the last month. We would also like to thank everyone for their patience with Us as We busy Ourselves with details of Our wedding. We must admit that assuming the mantle of Heirs to this great Kingdom and getting married not much more than a month later has been one of the most rewarding challenges We’ve ever undertaken.

We would like to congratulate Wuflgar von Ostrand who, found worthy by his Peers and the Crown, will be elevated to the Order of Chivalry this Month at Warriors and Warlords.

Congratulations also Edward of Kent for his valiant performance and victory at Her Highness’ Sleeve Tournament. And thanks to all those at Arrg who made it such wonderful day.

To matters most serious; Their Majesties have put Northshield in a position to garner much word fame for it’s marshal prowess. We strongly believe that those who have not yet come to respect and fear the Northshield Army, shall know full well our might and dogged resolve on the field once all has been settled at the upcoming Pennsic War. To this end, please help us in supporting Their Majesties by testing your metal at WW. This is Northshield’s greatest event to come together as a Kingdom to test and improve our skills in the Art of War.

In regards to Pennsic, His Highness encourages all combatants to use the time between WW and War to not only train on the pell and in melee drills, but also to ready their conditioning. We would not want the full potential of the Griffin Army to be muted by the lack of training or fatigue. Their Majesties will both don armor and take the field this year. Let’s honor Their commitment to lead us by bringing our all and by leaving nothing on the field.

For those wishing to support the War effort, but not inclined to participate in the arts martial, Her Highness will be coordinating waterbearing efforts for the Northshield Army and it’s Allies. It is Her hope that those with free time or resources will join Her in supporting our troops on the field by waterbearing for an afternoon, or by making a donation of a gallon or two of spring water to keep our fighters in fine fettle. Please bring donations of water to the waterbearing station in Northshield Camp at N19.

One final note, we would like to thank Abelard and Ysolt for taking on the daunting task of being our chamberlaines. We truely appreciate their selfless service.

Siegfried and Elizabeth
Prince and Princess

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Posted by: Siegfried III and Elizabeth I Their Royal Highnesses on 6/19/2009

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