Mistress Theodora von Igelheim Mistress Theodora von Igelheim

October Missive


Please fill out a profile on the website if you haven't yet. This is how we keep track of authorizations and awards, persona information, and generally who you are. Facebook and Instagram and other social media platforms are cool, but not everybody is on there. You know you can upload a photo of yourself, right? And your device? And other relevant information? If you want, you can even create multiple profiles, and give each one a different photo and persona information. Do it! Do it now!

In other news, I have held the office of Kingdom Webminister for quite a while and have begun looking for a replacement. If you would like to be the new Kingdom Webminister, please contact me (webminister@northshield.org) and we can discuss it. From the job description: The Webminister reports to the Society Webminster and the Crown. Among the duties and requirements are: reliable high-speed internet access, working knowledge of ASP.NET 2.0 and higher, MS SQL, HTML and CSS programming languages. Previous experience maintaining a large web site is a plus, as well as graphic layout skills and access to image editting software and the knowledge and skills to produce high quality, efficient web images. Future plans for the site suggest that knowledge of other web tools (such as MySQL and Ruby on Rails) would also be helpful.

In service,


Obligatory message: You know how we teach people to fall down when they've been killed, and eventually they get to stand back up again? Let's just say that someone's been teaching the website how to fight, but got interrupted partway through that lesson.

[The website is up.]

Other missives from the Kingdom Webminister (KLO)
Posted by: Abelard die Elster Kingdom Webminister (KLO) on 9/13/2017

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