Viscountess Astrid of the Yellow Rose Viscountess Astrid of the Yellow Rose


Greetings Good Citizens of Northshield!

Her Highness recently had the pleasure of spending a weekend with Northshield’s finest fencers at ARRG. It is impossible to put into mere words the astonishing feats of skill, honor and chivalry displayed by all fighters at all times, much less the awe and pride We feel at being a part of rapier’s rich tradition in Northshield. The passion, camaraderie, and overall enjoyment of all present was readily visible in the smiles and overall good cheer that will linger through fond memories of the weekend. During Her Highness’ Sleeve Tourney, Lord Robert Talbot so inspired Her Highness as an exemplar of skill, chivalry and honor on the field that She chose him to bear Her Sleeve. We encourage you to seek him out as an inspiration to all of us in the ideals we pursue.

The drums of war beat ever more loudly; continue to hone your skills at Warriors and Warlords to bring Northshield ever more word-fame from the field. There promises to be a weekend full of enough fighting to satiate even the most voracious warrior’s appetite. His Highness would especially like to direct attention to the Japanese Battle that he is sponsoring, for those who have the equipment.

Yours In Service,
Kitadate-denka and Æsa

Other missives from the Their Royal Highnesses
Posted by: Æsa and Kitadate-tenno Their Royal Highnesses on 7/1/2005

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