Loki, equine companion to Viscountess Kassandra Tenebrosa Loki, equine companion to Viscountess Kassandra Tenebrosa


Greetings Kinsmen,

Though We know from Their extensive travels and proven might upon the field that Our Royal Parents Tarrach and Fina are well fit to rule indefinitely, the time may come soon when Our Heirship will end and We will ascend the Griffin Thrones. We invite you to make the journey north through some of Northshield’s most beautiful land to Mare Amethystinum for Our Coronation. There you will witness a Coronation quite unlike any other in the history of Northshield. Share in Our celebration of love in its many aspects, most especially Our love for Northshield.

After We ascend the thrones We will ensure the continuity of Northshield’s Royal line by holding a tournament in Coldedernhale on the eighth day of October in this year to determine who will earn the right to serve as the Fourth Crown of Northshield. As reigning requires breadth of knowledge and skill in diverse Arts, We have the following requirements of those who wish to enter Our Crown Tournament:

Each combatant/consort pair shall submit to the Seneschal and Us a letter stating their intent to enter the Crown list. This letter shall include modern and SCA names and contact information including email addresses for both combatant and consort. A brief description of each person’s persona shall also be included. Letter submissions shall also include copies of each person’s membership card (front and back), personal identification, the fighter’s authorization card, and proof of access to the Northwatch at each person’s residence. We would also like an 81?2 x 11 color copy of the combatant’s arms. Electronic submissions will be accepted (i.e. scanned documents). Submissions shall be in Our and Our Seneschal’s hands no later than midnight, September 23. This is only 2 weeks before the tournament, so We encourage prospective entrants to use the checklist below to ensure that paperwork is submitted correctly. Incomplete and/or late submissions will not be accepted.

Also, We wish to ensure that the victors of the tournament begin their time as Royalty with a treasure of largesse appropriate to their new station. Hence We require that each combatant and consort create items for the victors to use as gifts. Documentation is not required for these items, however the items should reflect period Arts or Sciences. These items will be placed on display at the tournament for all to know the skill and generosity of Our Crown list.

Kitadate-denka and Æsa’s Crown Tournament Checklist:

Letter including:
  • Modern and SCA names of combatant and consort
  • Address, telephone number and email address of combatant and consort
  • Brief persona description
  • Proof of membership (FRONT AND BACK) for both combatant and consort
  • Proof of identification (FRONT AND BACK) for both combatant and consort.
  • Copy of combatant’s authorization card (FRONT AND BACK)
  • Proof of access to Northwatch at residence of combatant and consort (copy of the address label is fine)
  • 8 ½ x11 color copy of the combatant’s arms
  • A&S project: Largesse for the new Heirs

The format of the fall Crown Tournament shall be as follows:

The allowable forms are:

  • Weapon and Shield
  • Two weapon
  • Spear
  • Polearm
  • Dagger
  • Great sword

No weapon may exceed 6’. Spears must be such, and not polearms used as spears. Daggers may not exceed 12” in blade length. For two weapon bouts, the second weapon may be selected as long or short. Long weapons are spear, polearm and great sword. Short weapons are any single handed weapon.

The first round will be determined by challenge, with a random half of the combatants challenging the other half.

The Tournament will be double elimination, with each match being the best 2 of 3 bouts. In each bout, weapon form will be matched. In the first bout, the junior in precedence of the combatants shall choose the form. In the second bout, the senior in precedence shall choose the form. If there is a third bout, the combatants shall agree upon the form, choosing any save that which were used in the first 2 bouts. If the combatants are unable to reasonably choose a form, the Queen shall choose.

May the summer bring you great adventures, new friends and many fond memories,

Kitadate-denka and Æsa

Other missives from the Their Royal Highnesses
Posted by: Æsa and Kitadate-tenno Their Royal Highnesses on 8/1/2005

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