Lilith of Rolling Oaks and Arabella Nicola Giovanni Lilith of Rolling Oaks and Arabella Nicola Giovanni

February Missive

My, what a tangled web we weave!

Sometimes the Northshield website appears to be a tangled mix of links and cross-links and reverse-links and other thread-like protrubances. This is partially true, because, like many websites, it has grown and evolved organically over time. But there is actually a method to the madness.

It’s always good to know how to get back to the home page on the website: you can get home by clicking on the Kingdom of Northshield logo at the top and center of almost every page. The search functions are easiest to find there. (Search is also available under the About menu on the menu bar.) Also interesting on the home page: the icons below the navigation bar are quick links to each of the primary Kingdom Officer’s pages. By clicking on, for instance, the spider icon you’ll see information about the Kingdom Webminister, by clicking on the crossed trumpets you’ll get to the Kingdom Polaris Herald, and so on.

The yellow bar below the logo should be visible anywhere on the site. That’s your primary nagivation tool. We’ve tried to make the items there broad and generic: ‘About’ contains general information like a map of the Kingdom, the history pages, and the copyright information. ‘Arts & Sciences’ is full of A&S-related information. ‘Events’ links to a number of event-related things, from an overall calendar to information about submitting event bids. ‘Groups’ displays information about groups and group membership. ‘Martial Arts’ has all things fighting- or combat-related. ‘Newcomers’ holds general ‘Welcome to the SCA’ sorts of articles. ‘Officers’ shows links to officer-related information and content. ‘Who’s Who’ breaks down our populace into sub-groups – royalty, peers, Great Bears – and also has links to the award recommendation form so you can correct any oversights you see. ‘Youth’ itemizes a number of youth-related topics and areas. And finally, don’t forget the Library, which is a catch-all miscellany of articles, links, and resources for the general public. Here you can find a list of the available email lists, court reports, recipes, missives, awards – a little bit of everything.

Many items appear under multiple headings. You can see Awards and Award Recommendations in a number of places, because different people over time have requested those additions. Various resources under A&S also appear under library because sometimes it makes sense to look for different things in different places. Many of the officer-related items also appear on the officer’s
pages – most of the Martial Arts tree is visible under Kingdom Earl Marshal -> Resources Links, Forms, and Handbooks. But we don’t add these links willy-nilly, we actually think about the process. And sometimes the reasons change, and we remove links.

So! Poke through our web! If you see something that doesn’t belong, or realize that something is missing, please contact to make it right.

In service,

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Posted by: Abelard die Elster Kingdom Webminister (KLO) on 1/16/2018

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