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January 2010 Northwatch Missive

Unto Our beloved Northshield family come warmgreetings from Siegfried and Elizabeth,


Though Our travels were a bit abridged lastmonth, the accomplishments and honors paid to the citizens of Northshield werenot.


THL Ivan was vigiled for the Laurelate at TheStellar University of Northshield. Boar's Head saw the recognition of three newpeers of the realm. Master Gabriel was elevated to the Pelicanate; DonToshikage was vigiled for the Laurelate; and Stephen du Bois became newestmember of Our Order of the Chivalry. Their contributions to Northshield havebeen immeasurable. Our heartfelt congratulations to each of them.


Northshield, itself, was honored by Realmsfar to the East. In the spirit of good-natured fun, Their Majesties Konrad andBrenwyn of the East Realm and Their Majesties Henri and Elena of Æthelmearchave joined our Kingdom in declaring William Goldman's tale "The PrincessBride" a period work. We hope it inspires as many laughs and good timesamong their populace as it has here. We thank Their Majesties for Theirsupport!


This month We will enjoy the hospitality ofthe Baronies of Nordskogen and Jararvellir, as we attend Twelfth Night andFlesh Wound. We look forward to enjoying the company of kinsmen at each beforewe brave the long road to visit Our Cousins in Æthelmearc for Their Kingdom’s12th Night.


As always, Our thanks to everyone for thesupport and kindness We have richly enjoyed in Our time on the Stellar Thrones.We are truly privileged to sit as Monarchs of such a magnificent Kingdom.


Siegfried & Elizabeth

Rex et Regina


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Posted by: Siegfried III and Elizabeth I Their Royal Majesties on 1/1/2010

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