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March Missive


The theme of this month's Northwatch is gardening and growing. The website is all that, and more.

Everyone has a profile, right? You can maintain aspects of your profile to follow your SCA career - you can add details about your persona, list the authorizations that you hold, track the offices in which you have served, and view the details of your awards and accolades. You can also fill out the 'My Event Attendance' section to let others know where you'll be, a section which ought to be updated every few months. Just like gardening. And if you're an officer, that's the place you will fill out reports - water and prune as needed. The site is growing - we add new sections all the time. Some days it's a new handbook, other days it's a new officer, and still other days it's minutes from a meeting. Just recently we started a Policies area to bring together the policies for each office into an easier-to-find location. Information should not be static.

The office is also growing. There's a whole new website which will rise, fully formed, from the soil. Someday.

This is likely my last missive in this office. Please welcome the new Kingdom Webminister when her name is announced. It's been an honor to serve, and thank you for putting up with my foolishness. And never fear, I plan to be a deputy for some time to come - you haven't heard the last of me.

In service,


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Posted by: Abelard die Elster Kingdom Webminister (KLO) on 2/12/2018

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