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April Missive


All y'all are aware that we have an award recommendation system on the website, correct? It's at http://northshield.org/OrderOfPrecedence/ Recommendation.aspx?who ! Of course, you'll need a profile on the website to use it. (Go to http://northshield.org/Populace/Registration. aspx to create a profile today!) And, while you don't have to have a profile to be recommended, it helps to have one. From time to time an award recommendation will precede a person setting up their own profile; when this happens the Clerk of Precedence creates a profile which is intended to be a placeholder. Once that recipient eventually creates a profile the web team can merge the two together. This also works for authorizations, event attendance, and other things.

Here are a few awards that you can recommend people for!*

Order of the Pestilent Griffin - Given to the person who brought noro to the event. (Heraldry: Fieldless, a black cloud.)

The Award of the Griffin's Gratitude: Given to those gentles who selflessly stay home from an event when they are feeling ill, to avoid spreading the plague to the masses (even if they REALLY REALLY wanted to go). (Heraldry: Fieldless, a griffin dormant and red cross.)

Order of the Canted Compass - Given to those gentles who, over time, show a constant ability and willingness to instigate shenanigans for the betterment of the Kingdom. (Heraldry: Fieldless, a compass rose, tilted ~20 degrees off center.)

Order of the Floofiest Griffin - Given to those gentles who believe that they are really, really ridiculously good-looking. (Heraldry: Fieldless, a griffin rising)

But seriously, this is almost certainly for realsies I mean it this time my last Northwatch article as Kingdom Webminister. My replacement is Mistress Teffan, and I will serve as her emergency deputy. (I suspect she will put me in charge of things like calling the hosting provider when the site goes down, sitting on hold, and eventually raising my voice to them - but that's up to her.) We are also training new people for the office, and preparing for a whole new website. One of these days.

*Note: You can't actually recommend people  for these awards. April Fools! Also, thank you to Mistress Jois and Baroness Alinore for their help with the awards.

In service, Abelard

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Posted by: Abelard die Elster Kingdom Webminister (KLO) on 3/13/2018

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