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GULF WARS - preregistration information

Greetings to the  people of Northshield
Gulf wars will soon be upon  us. Less then 60 days I am told.   Myself and my friend Alanna have been given the go a head by Her Majesty to be  Land Mayors this year.
So what I need from you good people of Northshield  is this, PLEASE if you are coming to war  do pre registration if you can.  I would also need you to contact me with the number in your group and the size of your tents that you are bringing. This will help greatly in knowing how much room we will be needing. So pass the word and tell your friend this information is needed ASAP.  Feel free to cross post this message  to other sites if you like. 
Thank you for your time
Looking forward to a great war
Lady Asli

erin_bell_macaransca at yahoo.com

Online pre-registration can be completed at
http://acceps.ansteorra.org/GW2010/gw_event_main.php?eid=105 and is open
until February 18, 2010. Mailed-in pre-reg must be postmarked by Jan 31,
2010 - use the form located at http://www.gulfwars.org/gw19registration.pdf
(hidden in the forms tab on the website).

Make sure to list "Northshield" as the "Group Camping With" to ensure you
are counted amongst the Northshield pre-reg's so we get the proper amount of
land assigned to the group (this makes a landocrat's job MUCH easier!)


Posted by: Elis Godbeare on 1/15/2010

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