A royal guard sneaks a peek at Masquerade II A royal guard sneaks a peek at Masquerade II

Proposed Financial Policy and Law Changes

Greetings to the populace of Northshield. The Stallari Council has been hard at work crafting needed proposed changes to Kingdom Financial Policy and Law and wishes to hear your commentary on them to determine what will be implemented*.

Comments should be sent to TRM@northshield.org and Seneschal@northshield.org by November 1, 2018.

To access the special edition (if you are a Subscribing Member) go to https://members.sca.org/apps/#Newsletters and login. Click on the Northshield icon and then choose "Northshield NORTHWATCH 1810 XTRA.pdf"

If you are NOT a Subscribing Member, we have obtained permission to post a copy of the special edition outside the subscribing-membership gate:

On behalf of Their Majesties,
Ealdred of Malmesbury
Seneschal, Northshield

* This is in accordance with Kingdom Law.
Should the majority of the Stallari Council believe a change to statutory law to be substantive, the Crown must publish the proposed law change in the Northwatch and allow one month from publication for comment before proceeding. When necessary to comply with a Society directive, the period for comment may be shortened, postponed, or canceled.

Changes to statutory law must be signed by the Crown and the Kingdom Seneschal, proclaimed in Royal court, and published in the Northwatch before taking effect

Posted by: Ealdred of Malmesbury Kingdom Seneschal on 10/2/2018

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