HE Lucretia Cathrine Cullip Shanks MacFarlane Ingeld HE Lucretia Cathrine Cullip Shanks MacFarlane Ingeld

June Missive


As we sit the thrones we often hear conversations about “the bar” for various awards and honors. These are always interesting conversations as they take into account not only what may have once been written into law but also what stands as Northshield tradition, the opinions of the Orders at any given time, and the disposition of the wider SCA. For all this consideration and conversation, what role should awards play in our SCA experience? Competition and competitiveness are good things; they can drive us to greater heights of talent than we thought possible for ourselves, but that same competitiveness can fill us with angst as we walk our respective paths. We ask that you enjoy the things you do, love the game we play, dare to be great and see where the road may lead you.

Konrad & Aibhilin

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Posted by: Konrad II and Aibhilin II Their Royal Majesties on 5/17/2019

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