HE Saraidh ingen Guairi HE Saraidh ingen Guairi


Greetings Northshield!

The war season is now past, and Our thoughts turn from increasing and proving our skills in battle to improving knowledge and skill in the arts and sciences. We also contemplate how to continue to improve our mighty Kingdom. We encourage you to attend the Kingdom Althing in November, where weighty matters concerning the future of Northshield will be discussed, and you will have an excellent chance to hear Our thoughts in person in a less formal atmosphere.

One of the Althing topics is the financial status and future of the Kingdom. Much discussion is taking place already; words cannot describe how glad it makes Us that the people of Northshield agree that the financial and administrative aspects of this hobby are as important as the study of history and the ideals we hold so dear. Two valid questions We have heard are: “How is the money spent? Why does the Kingdom need income?” In short, Kingdom funds are used for several purposes, the most significant of which is to reimburse travel expenses for Royalty and Great Officers, and also to cover administrative costs for Great Officers. Much has been said about Royal travel funds, and We deeply appreciate the support given to Us so far by the good people of Northshield.

However, Great Officers incur significant travel expenses over their two-year term, and our current budget does not even begin to cover those expenses. Many Great Officers travel extensively around the Kingdom to meet with deputies, get to know the populace, and promote the area that officer oversees. This care and attention currently comes out of personal finances. If we, as the people of Northshield, see value in these activities, we would do well to help fund them to encourage their continuance. As the Crown of Northshield, We see the might of Our Great Officers and know that their labors bear bountiful fruit. We would do well to support their endeavors.

On a completely different topic, We would like to recognize the many accomplishments of Our people. However, we have not yet made acquaintance with everyone, so We need your help. Please consider the great things the people around you do, and let Us know via an award recommendation. Recommendations are most useful when they are specific and include a number of events that the recipient may attend. We are happy to hold Regency courts, so do not feel limited to Our travel schedule.

Finally, it is difficult to put into words the beauty, generosity and joy We have experienced thus far in Our reign. We thank all of you who work to make enjoyable events happen, host group activities, and otherwise bring people together in companionship, because these make Northshield real for all of us.

In service to Northshield,
Æsa Drotning

Other missives from the Their Royal Majesties
Posted by: Æsa and Kitadate-tenno Their Royal Majesties on 10/1/2005

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