Elizabeth and Siegfried Elizabeth and Siegfried

March 2010 Northwatch Missive

Greetings toall archers in the lands of the Griffon!

It is my joyand honor to be able to serve the Kingdom as Archer General.  I have some ideas for my term, but I willneed help and input from ALL archers and marshals.  My main goals are:

1)       To keep this activity fun, safe, andavailable to all present and future participants.

2)       To update the marshal database andget as many new marshals authorized as possible.

3)       To build a resource database on theNorthshield website, complete with documents and/or videos that we can use –things like “how to make a bowstring” or “choosing your first bow” or “periodsongs involving archers.” 

4)       To spread physical resources to allcorners of the map.  If there are groupsthat need loaner gear, but don’t know how to get it, or if there are peoplewho’d like to participate in an area, but don’t have a marshal, I would like tofacilitate the meeting of these needs.

5)       To listen to what people want to seein the archery community of Northshield, and to make sure that these hopes andideas can be met and made reality.

I need YOUR helpon all these points, but I am specifically seeking input on the lastthree.  I need to know what resourcesgroups want, and what resources you can help write/make.  Likewise, if you want to see more ofsomething in your area (more pageantry involving archery?  More high-end competitions?  More novelty shoots geared toward children?)please let me know so that I can try to make these things happen.

I will besending out a survey addressing these points to all marshals in the currentdatabase, and have hopefully done so by the time this is in print.  If you are a marshal, and did not receivethis survey (or did not receive a phone call/personal visit instead) pleasee-mail me right away.

Also, since itis March, the group marshals, MITs, and regional marshals should be reportingin.

Let me know ifyou have ideas on how we can continue to make Northshield archery the funactivity we all enjoy.

-Jois Corbet


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Posted by: Jois Corbet Kingdom Archer General (KLO) on 3/29/2010

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