Syr Tristan von Eisig Syr Tristan von Eisig

March 2010 Northwatch Missive

Greeting unto Our Northshield Brothers and Sisters,

Many of you are diligently packing and making final plans for the trip to Gleann Abhann for Gulf Wars. We are very proud that you are making the commitment to the lengthy journey, and to representing your Kingdom at this grand event. We hope you enjoy every minute. Fight well and have fun!

Our time on the Stellar Thrones is soon coming to an end. We will thank all of those who have helped Us in Our final missive. Here, We would like to thank all the groups who have played such marvelous hosts to their Crown.  Our thanks to: Korsvag for an absolutelyexcellent Coronation; Caer Anterth Mawr for a relaxing day at their 30thAnniversary; Windhaven for a perfect Crown Tournament; Jararvellir for the wealth of artistic endeavors both accomplished and taught at Griffin's Needle Challenge and Kingdom SUN; Coille Stoirmeilfor the non-stop fighting at an awesome ToC; Caer Anterth for a lavish Boar'sHead, Nordskogen for a magical 12th Night; Jararvellir, again, for their great contribution to the fighting community by hosting both Flesh Wound and FighterSchool; Falcon's Keep for an always fun Haire Affaire; and Windhaven for a beautiful and enriching Bardic Madness. The groups that hosted these events,the autocrats and their staffs, should be immensely proud, for they are the ones that create the magic that makes this game worth playing. Vivant to you all!!

We would also like to congratulate Baron Master Mikey, Master Ivan, and Sir Yngvar on their elevations. We can confidently say that Northshield enjoys a wealth of exemplary peers. These three gentles are living proof.

We would also like to congratulate THL Torsten and Don Toshikage on their impending elevations. We know they will do their respective Orders proud.

It has been a profound privilege, honor, and delight to serve as the Crown of this magnificent Kingdom. The travails involved in reigning can be very taxing, but not nearly as much when you havet he support of such wonderful friends as all of you. From the bottom of Our hearts, thank you.

Siegfried & Elizabeth,

Your grateful King and Queen

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Posted by: Siegfried III and Elizabeth I Their Royal Majesties on 3/1/2010

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