Dancing Dancing

April 2010 Northwatch Missive

Unto this wonderful Kingdom, the fondest ofgreetings from Siegfried & Elizabeth,


We are in your debt for all the hospitality,kind words, and friendship you have shown us. This last year has been nothingshort of a fairytale.

We would like to start by congratulating Their Majesties on Their Coronation and thank Them for the unwavering supportThey showed us during Their Heirship. We look forward to witnessing all themagic and memories They'll create in the months to come.

So as not to take an undue share of space inthe issue here are all our 'thank you's' at once.

Thanks to: Our household for all the 'behind the scenes' support; Gabrielle for helping us make the magic happen; Mikey for his mighty voice; Shava for not scolding us for late Northwatch articles(including this one); Gwyneth for coordinating our gifts; Aesa for organizing Gulf Wars favors; Eithni for her calm problem solving skills, clever needle,and willingness to help transport a cumbersome Queen; the Stallari for their guidance; every Autocrat of the events we attended for the extra courtesies;the Peers of Northshield for their counsel; the Peers we made for leading the way to Northshield's future; the artisans of the Kingdom for their beautifulg ifts; the children of Northshield for making us laugh on even the most trying days; everyone for buying into our flights of fancy by bringing the Princess Bride to life. Thank you to the dozens of people who have done us such kindness but whose names we can't fit in the issue without bumping the Northwatch intot he next postal class. And finally to Their Excellencies Abelard & Ysolt. The laughs, the magic, everything happened because you were there for us every minute.

And now we retire, we have an heir of our own to show the wonders of this Kingdom. Someday we will proudly tell her of this great time in our lives and all of our wonderful friends who shared it with us.

It was our privilege to serve.

Siegfried, Elizabeth, and Emily

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Posted by: Siegfried III and Elizabeth I Their Royal Majesties on 4/1/2010

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