Hrodir & Kitab sparring Hrodir & Kitab sparring


Greetings Kinsmen!

Though we feel the bite of winter’s teeth, we plan to keep darkness at bay by learning new skills and polishing up old ones. Her Majesty intends to keep working on a scroll blank for Gleann Abhann as well as continuing to develop skills in rapier fighting. She is proud to count Herself among the authorized rapier fighters of the Kingdom. His Majesty is finishing up several projects, including a new pavilion. We encourage all of you to try something new or finish an old project as a means of celebrating the New Year.

Our recent travels highlighted the best of Northshield; the Althing brought together the most caring and concerned minds in the Kingdom to discuss matters of Northshield’s future. Thoughtful discourse and clear passion about what’s best for Northshield reminded Us how proud We are to be a part of this Kingdom. Clothiers’ Seminar displayed the many talents of Northshield’s clothiers. We were humbled by the knowledge of Our populace and excited by the willingness to share that knowledge.

We continue to prepare eagerly for Gulf Wars, where Northshield’s might will be tested in the first battles of the war season. In the press of battle, all Our soldiers have need to know what place to muster, where to seek to be sheltered under Northshield’s shields, the places to press onward, and where to remove to after the battle. Thus do We declare that the banner of Northshield shall be flown at Gulf Wars for these purposes. The competition for this position on the armoured field will take place at TOC. The rapier bearer shall be chosen at Haire Affaire in early February. This is not an easy task. Banners and their bearers are often seen as prizes to be captured. They will be a symbol of all Northshield’s people. We look forward to witnessing these contests and standing with the victors upon the fields of Gulf Wars.

We wish to extend Our gratitude to those who have written award recommendations at least one month before an event, and who list more than one event. Your consideration gives Us time to prepare court lists that give Our gifted scribes more time to create scrolls.

Finally, another note of thanks as the New Year begins, for all who have supported Us by providing wise counsel, assisting Us at events, and making Us ever more proud to serve as your Crown.

Yours in service,



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Posted by: Æsa and Kitadate-tenno Their Royal Majesties on 1/1/2006

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