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Greetings Northshield!

The darkest days of the year have passed and more sunlight greets us each day as a promise of spring’s arrival.

During Our Court at Boar’s Head We were privileged to witness a most wondrous gift. Our Shire of Darkstone hosted a successful Symposium that generated some income. Upon hearing that the Shire of Mare Amethystinum and the Kingdom both lost money on Our Coronation, the good people of Darkstone agreed to split their income between Mare Amethystinum and the Kingdom so that neither would lose money on the event. This generosity sets an example of how groups can assist each other for the greater good of the Kingdom. Such deeds need not require monetary support; giving time and energy to help other groups host events, for example, is one way anyone can help make Northshield stronger.

We are pleased to see some experimentation with A&S competitions. We join Master Tarik in applauding those efforts and anticipating future activities as the people of Northshield explore ways to educate, encourage and recognize arts and sciences and those who take joy in creating them. The only limitation is our own creativity.

We will continue to recommend that all who can find a way to do so to attend Gulf Wars. The Kingdom of Gleann Abhann, among several others, has helped rebuild the event site and her people are putting great effort into ensuring that this Gulf Wars will be most memorable for all involved. We encourage you to consider traveling to visit our brethren to the south and build a mighty host to top that seen by Our honored ancestor Siegfried. Also, one of the most effective ways to give assistance to our friends in that area is to visit and spend money. We consider this a most wise investment – a high return of fun while rebuilding local commerce.As Crown, We have been fortunate to experience a small piece of the breadth and depth of Northshield’s skills, talents, valor, and generosity to all. It gives Us great joy to travel to other Kingdoms and witness the honor the people of Northshield hold in so many hearts. Our love of Northshield increases as Our reign progresses.

Yours in service,



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Posted by: Æsa and Kitadate-tenno Their Royal Majesties on 2/1/2006

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